1996 acf nationals Questions by Ohio State University

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1996 ACF Nationals

Questions by Ohio State University
1. He lived long enough to see the independence of Texas in 1836, and hailed it as the fruition of his failed movement to "liberate" Mexico. He had escaped jail or worse for his schemes only because of John Marshall's strict interpretation of Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution, the section defining treason. FTP, identify this governor of New York, Vice-President, and dueling partner of Alexander Hamilton.

Answer: Aaron Burr

2. Originally convinced that physical desire must be suppressed, he changed his mind on a 1893 trip to North Africa and actively sought sensual experiences, and was encouraged in his homosexual leanings by Oscar Wilde. Some of his works include "The Fruits of the Earth", "Prometheus Misbound", and "Lafcadio's Adventures." FTP, name this French author of "Strait is the Gate".

Answer: Andre Gide

3. Using the Voltaic cell, he had shown by 1803 that all salts could be decomposed into positive and negative components, and postulated that all compounds were likewise composed. He analyzed over 2000 different compounds, effectively confirming the theory of constant proportions and matching it with Dalton's atomic theory. He devised the modern system of chemical symbols, and coined the terms catalysis, isomerism, and protein. FTP, name this Swedish chemist, credited with discovering thorium, selenium, and silicon.

Answer: Baron Jons Jacob Berzelius

4. It is an atoll comprised of three small islets, roughly 2300 miles west of Honolulu. Officially annexed by the US in 1899, Pan American Airways made it a stopover on their China Clipper seaplane service, and the Navy was in the process of converting it to an air and submarine base when the Japanese attacked it in World War II. FTP, name this Pacific island which fell to the Japanese on December 23, 1941.

Answer: Wake Island

5. This religion's founder was born in 216 AD in Babylonia, and after visits from an angel at ages 12 and 24, he began to preach this new religion in which he was the final great prophet of the line that included Zoroaster, Buddha, and Jesus. FTP, identify either this now-extinct dualistic religion or its founder, whose adherents once included a young St. Augustine, and which is often mislabeled a heretical Christian sect.

Answer: Mani (or Manes or Manichaeus) or Manichaeism

6. On the verge of becoming a nun, Isabella learns that her brother Claudio has been arrested for getting his beloved Juliet pregnant and has been sentenced to death. She refuses Angelo's offer of her brother's freedom for her virginity, but later agrees to a friar's plan to secretly swap Isabella for Mariana, Angelo's jilted fiancee. Angelo orders Claudio executed anyway, but the friar, really the absent Duke in disguise, saves Claudio, orders the couples to wed, and proposes to Isabella himself. This summarizes the plot of, FTP, what Shakespearean play?

Answer: "Measure For Measure"

7. He joined in the 1933 coup that ousted Gerardo Machado, and was elected president in 1940. Prevented from succeeding himself as president, he lived in Miami for a time before returning to his country in 1952, when he staged another successful coup and took control of the government. But his brutal rule spawned a guerilla campaign which began in 1956 and succeeded in ousting him in 1959, and he was forced to flee to the Dominican Republic. FTP, identify this Cuban dictator whom Fidel Castro replaced.

Answer: Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar

8. First observed in 1934, this is analogous to the shock wave produced when a plane flies faster than the speed of sound. This phenomenon was theoretically explained by Igor Tamm and Ilya Frank, and it is used in certain high-speed particle detectors. FTP, what is this bluish-white glow, caused by charged particles passing through an optically transparent medium while exceeding the speed of light in that medium.

Answer: Cherenkov radiation

9. First used by Girolamo Cardano in solving a quadratic problem, he called them "subtle and useless" and did not pursue them. Rafael Bombelli then showed their utility in solving cubic equations. They were given their modern notation by Euler; were given geometrical representation by Wessel, Argand & Gauss; were introduced into number theory as the Gaussian integers; and were brought into analysis by Gauss, Riemann & Cauchy. FTP, identify this class of numbers which all involve the square root of a negative number.

Answer: complex or imaginary numbers (literally, the square roots of negative numbers)

10. This French composer, the unofficial teacher of such composers as Liszt, Gounod, and Saint-Saens, added a plot to his most famous work, subtitled "Episode in the Life of an Artist". Other works include 1849's "Te Deum", the oratorio "The Childhood of Christ", the operas "Benvenuto Cellini" and "The Trojans", 1846's "The Damnation of Faust", and the programmatic symphony "Harold in Italy". FTP, name this composer of "Symphonie Fantastique".

Answer: (Louis) Hector Berlioz

11. It began on December 29, 1895 when a group of 500 British irregulars invaded the Transvaal region. It ended with the surrender of the invading forces to Dutch troops at Doornkop on January 2nd, 1896. FTP, identify this incident, a major contributing factor in the outbreak of the Boer War, which takes its name from the commander of the invading Britons.

Answer: The Jameson Raid (the raid's leader was Sir Leander Starr Jameson)

12. Born in Lahore in 1910, he went to Trinity College, Cambridge in 1930, and then to the University of Chicago in 1937. He calculated that a white dwarf's radius would decrease as its mass increased, and found that stars heavier than 1.44 times the mass of the sun cannot become white dwarfs, a limit that bears his name. FTP, name this Indian-American astrophysicist and Nobel laureate.

Answer: Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar

13. On NBC from 1947 to 1960, this show's Peanut Gallery was the origin of the name of the comic strip "Peanuts". Characters on the show included Phineas T. Bluster, Flub-a-Dub, and Chief Thunderthud, and it introduced Bob Keeshan, who went on to be Captain Kangaroo. FTP, name this famous children's show, which featured Clarabell the Clown, Buffalo Bob Smith, and the title marionette.

Answer: "Howdy Doody"

14. This play centers on Jamie, a dissolute cynic; Edmund, a consumptive intellectual; their mother Mary, a morphine addict; and their father James Sr., a miserly washed-up actor. FTP, name this semi-autobiographical Pulitzer Prize-winning play, written by Eugene O'Neill in 1941 but not performed until 1956.

Answer: "Long Day's Journey Into Night"

15. She was the daughter of king Thespius and Eurythemis, who as a result of a deceit involving Aphrodite posing as an eagle threatening Zeus, became the mother of the king of the god's children. For 10 points, identify this wife of Tyndareus of Sparta who after being visited by Zeus in the form of a swam laid two eggs from which Helen, Clytemnestra, Castor, and Pollux were born.

Answer: Leda

16. Negotiated between the US Secretary of State and the British minister to the US, this treaty's interpretation by the British that a clause pledging the neutrality of Central America did not force it to give up its territories there angered the US. FTP, name this 1850 treaty, superseded by the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty, which provided for the joint construction of a Panamanian canal by the US and Great Britain.

Answer: Clayton-Bulwer Treaty

17. He developed the concept of "involution" to show why Homo sapiens has not divided into different species despite its world-wide distribution, and uses this as a basis for several unorthodox proofs of the existence of God. Receiving his doctorate in paleontology 12 years after becoming a Jesuit, he assisted the excavation of Peking Man. FTP, name this French paleontologist, theologian and philosopher who coined the term "omega point".

Answer: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

18. His first successful novel, 1921's "Three Soldiers", was a violently anti war reaction to his experiences as an ambulance driver in World War I. His creative powers decreased as time went on, and his "District of Columbia" trilogy and 1961's "Midcentury" are considered significantly inferior to his early pioneering work. FTP, identify this American author of "The 42nd Parallel", "1919", and "The Big Money", the three parts of his "U.S.A." trilogy.

Answer: John Dos Passos

19. An early master of oil painting, he may or may not have been assisted by his brother Hubert on the polyptich "Adoration of the Lamb" for the Cathedral of St. Bavo in Ghent. His "Man in a Red Turban", possibly a self-portrait, is the first known painted portrait since antiquity which looks directly at the viewer. FTP, identify this 15th century Flemish master and artist of "The Virgin with the Canon van der Paele" and "Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride"

Answer: Jan van Eyck

20. Reputedly started when a French soldier took undue liberties with a local bride, although anti-French sentiment had been building for some time, the ensuing riot spread and the entire French population of the city of Palermo was murdered, some of whom while at their evening prayers. The revolt spread rapidly, and with the help of Peter III, the King of Aragon, the French were eventually driven off the island. FTP, name this revolt which began in 1282 on the island of Sicily.

Answer: Sicilian Vespers

21. This Latin work concerns the adventures of Lucius, a licentious young man who mistakenly takes a magic potion that turns him into a donkey. In this form, he wanders from owner to owner, describing numerous adventures of love & magic, the most famous of which is the tale of Psyche and Cupid. FTP, name this work by Apuleius.

Answer: The Golden Ass (prompt if "Metamorphoses" is given)

22. It was compiled by officers known as legati, who traveled from area to area conducting inquiries. Its title derived from the fact that the judgments of the legati were unappealable and expected to stand until the end of the world. FTP, identify this two-volume survey of England's material wealth, ordered by William the Conqueror.

Answer: The Domesday Book (may be pronounced either "dome-" or "doom-")

23. Carved from rose-colored Syrene granite, these were erected by Thutmose III in Heliopolis around 1500 BC. Augustus had them moved to Alexandria in 14 BC, and the khedive of Egypt presented them to Great Britain and the US in 1878 and 1880, respectively. FTP, identify these obelisks, one on the Thames in London, the other in New York's Central Park.

Answer: Cleopatra's Needle(s)

24. According to tradition, he was martyred in 70 BC at Patrae, Greece. He also is said to have preached the Gospel in Russia, and is honored as Russia's patron saint. FTP, identify this apostle, the brother of Peter, who was martyred on an x-shaped cross, and is also the patron saint of Scotland.

Answer: St. Andrew

26. Born in Boston in 1738, his step-father, Peter Pelham, was also an artist. He excelled at portraiture, among his colonial subjects being the Boston silversmiths Nathaniel Hurd and Paul Revere. He moved to London in 1775 at the urging of Benjamin West, and there painted such works as "The Death of Lord Chatham" and "Watson and the Shark". FTP, name this early American painter.

Answer: John Singleton Copley

Returning from seven years of exile, Okonkwo finds his village in Nigeria has been subjected to British colonial laws and many tribesmen have converted to Christianity. Distraught that the tribe will not support him after he kills a British official in a fit of anger, he hangs himself. FTP, this summarizes the plot of what novel, whose title was taken from Yeats' "The Second Coming", and is the best-known novel by Chinua Achebe.

Answer: Things Fall Apart

Born in Russia in the closing years of the 19th century, he became an American citizen in 1927. During his career as an aeronautical engineer, he developed devices such as an in-flight refueling system and the world's first accurate bombsight. His aircraft company evolved into Republic Aviation. FTP, identify this aircraft designer and author of 1942's Victory Through Air Power.

Answer: Alexander Procofieff De Seversky

Minerals which form these have high specific gravities, are chemically resistant to weathering, and are durable. Occasionally, these types of deposits may form from wind erosion in arid locations, or from weathering on hillsides, but they are much more commonly associated with streams. FTP, what are these types of mineral deposits, where much of the world's tin, platinum, diamonds and gold have been mined from.

Answer: placer deposits

1996 ACF Nationals

Questions by Ohio State University
1. The contest between Palamon and Arcite, with the lovely Emilia for the winner and death for the loser, has been the subject of many treatments in literature. Answer these questions about versions of the tale FTP each.

1. The original source of the story is the "Teseida", a Tuscan epic by what Medieval author?

Answer: Giovanni Boccaccio

2. Boccaccio's "Teseida" was then used as the source by Chaucer in "The Canterbury Tales" for which pilgrim's story?

Answer: the Knight

3. And finally, John Fletcher and William Shakespeare collaborated on what play based on the "Teseida" which was not published until 18 years after Shakespeare's death.

Answer: "The Two Noble Kinsmen"
2. FFPE, give the candidate and his party who garnered the third most popular votes in the following presidential elections.

1. 1920 Answer: Eugene V. Debs, Socialist Party

2. 1892 Answer: James B. Weaver, Populist or People's Party

3. 1844 Answer: James G. Birney, Liberty Party

3. According to the Gospel of Matthew, Judas felt remorse for his betrayal of Jesus, returned the 30 pieces of silver to the Jewish priests, and then committed suicide. Answer the following questions about these events on a 5-10-15 basis.

1. 5 pts: According to Matthew, how did Judas commit suicide?

Answer: hanging or equivalents

2. 10 pts: The priests used the 30 pieces of silver to buy a plot of land for the burial of foreigners which had been a common source of clay. This is the source of what term still used today for a graveyard for paupers and strangers.

Answer: potter's field

3. 15 pts: Because of the sordid source of the money used to purchase it, the original potter's field near Jerusalem was known by what Greek name which means "field of blood".

Answer: Aceldama
4. Identify the composers of the following operas on a 5-10-15 basis.

1. 5 pts: "The Consul", "Amahl and the Night Visitors" Answer: Gian-Carlo Menotti

2. 10 pts: "Pelleas et Melisandre", 1902 Answer: Claude Debussy

3. 15 pts: "Giulio Cesare", "Orlando" Answer: George Frideric Handel

5. Given a description of a specific type of variable star, identify the type FTPE.

1. The classic variable star, they have periods of 1-100 days and can vary in brightness by more than one magnitude. Because of their period-luminosity relationship, they are used to measure intergalactic distances.

Answer: Cepheid variables

2. Also called periodic or cluster variables, they are found predominantly in globular clusters, and have a period of less than a day.

Answer: RR Lyrae variables (or stars)

3. These are pre-main sequence stars of roughly one solar mass. They have rapid fluctuation in X-rays and ultraviolet, and are usually associated with dark clouds of interstellar dust.

Answer: T Tauri variables (or stars)
6. Several famous literary figures have been associated with bookstores. Identify them from clues for the stated number of points.

1. FFP, this self-educated man worked in the University Bookstore in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the mid 1800's. He kept a notebook of quotations as a convenience to his customers.

Answer: John Bartlett

2. FTP, the owner of the City Lights Bookshop in San Francisco, he was a poet and author of 1958's "A Coney Island of the Mind" in addition to publishing works by Beat authors, such as Allen Ginsberg's "Howl".

Answer: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

3. F15P, in 1919, she opened Shakespeare and Company, a bookshop on the Left Bank in Paris which provided a meeting place of American expatriates in the 20's & 30's. She published Joyce's Ulysses in 1922 after it had been turned down by other publishers.

Answer: Sylvia Beach

7. Identify the following US Navy commanders in the Pacific Theatre of World War II FTPE.

1. Distinguishing himself at Midway, he became commander of the Central Pacific Area and directed the assaults on the Gilbert Islands, the Marshall Islands, Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

Answer: Raymond Ames Spruance

2. He directed naval operations in the Solomon Islands campaign, took command of the US Third Fleet in 1944, commanded it in its victory at Leyte Gulf. He was promoted to fleet admiral in 1945.

Answer: William Frederick "Bull" Halsey

3. Commander of the entire US Pacific Fleet for much of the war, he directed the US victories at Midway, the Philippine Sea, and Leyte Gulf. He was promoted to fleet admiral in 1944 and was a signer of the Japanese surrender document.

Answer: Chester William Nimitz

8. Identify the archaeologist who found the following fossils of possible or probably human ancestors FTPE.

1. 1890; Java; Homo erectus (Java Man) Answer: Eugene DuBois

2. 1974; Hadar, Ethiopia; Australopithecus afarensis ("Lucy") Answer: Donald Johananson

3. 1964; Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania; Homo habilis Answer: Louis Leakey

9. Answer the following questions about ancient India FTPE.

1. This first historical emperor India conquered an empire on the Ganges shortly after Alexander the Great's retreat from India. He was the grandfather of Asoka and the founder of the Maurya dynasty.

Answer: Chandragupta Maurya

2. Chandragupta defeated one of Alexander the Great's generals in the Punjab in 305 BC. Who was this general who received the eastern third of Alexander's empire or the name of the empire he founded.

Answer: Seleucus (I) Nicator, or Seleucid Empire

3. And finally, after the battle Seleucus Nicator gave Chandragupta four of these, the Persian Empire's version of a province which Alexander had retained as regional governments. FTP, give this term, or the similar term for the person in charge of such a region.

Answer: satrapy or satrap
10. Identify the following battles of the English Civil War from a description FTPE.

1. Fought on July 2, 1644, Parliament's army under Fairfax and Cromwell and a Scottish army under Leslie combined to rout the Royalist army under "poodle man" Lord Rupert, and York was lost to the Royalists.

Answer: Battle of Marston Moor

2. Fought on June 14, 1645, Fairfax and Cromwell, now leading the New Model Army, capitalized on a mistake by Rupert and destroyed most of the Royalist army, including the king's best infantry, thus ending Charles' ability to fight Parliament in open battle.

Answer: Battle of Naseby

3. Fought on September 3, 1650, Cromwell once again routed his opponents, this time a Scottish army under Charles II. The Scots lost 13,000 men, while according to Cromwell his army lost only 20.

Answer: Battle of Dunbar
11. Answer the following random questions about quarks & such for the stated number of points.

1. FFPE, what two American scientists independently developed quark theory.

Answer: Murray Gell-Mann, George Zweig

2. FFPE, the discovery in 1974 by Richter and Ting of what meson confirmed the existence of what quark?

Answer: J, Psi, or J/Psi Meson; charm quark

3. What is the collective name of the photon, gluon, graviton, and W & Z particles, the particles which carry the four fundamental forces.

Answer: gauge bosons or gauge particles or
12. Identify the following Hindu deities & mythological figures, none of whom are Vishnu, FTPE.

1. The daughter of Himalaya, some of her aspects include Sati, Uma, Durga, and Kali. She is the wife of Shiva.

Answer: Parvati

2. The son of Parvati, he was decapitated by Shiva who then replaced his head with an elephant's. Noted for his ability to overcome all obstacles, he is often invoked at the beginning of difficult tasks and is still a popular deity in India today.

Answer: Ganesh (or Ganesha, Ganesa, or Ganapati)

3. One of the youngest of the Pandava brothers in the Mahabharata, he discourses with Krishna on the nature and meaning of life in the Bhagavad-Gita.

Answer: Arjuna

13. FFPE, identify the country which the following island countries received or declared their independence from.

1. Nauru Answer: Australia

2. Dominica Answer: United Kingdom (or UK, England, Britain, or Great Britain)

3. Cape Verde Answer: Portugal

4. Comoros Answer: France

5. Vanuatu Answer: United Kingdom (also accept above answers) or France (accept either)

6. Iceland Answer: Denmark

14. 30-20-10 Name the architect.

1. Ospedale degli Innocente, Florence

2. Santo Spirito & the Pazzi Chapel, both Florence

3. Dome of the Florence Cathedral

Answer: Filippo Brunelleschi
15. Identify the authors of the following works of kiddie lit, FTPE.

1. Mary Poppins Answer: Pamela Lyndon (P.L.) Travers

2. The Adventures of Pinocchio Answer: Collodi or Carlo Lorenzini

3. The Book of Nonsense Answer: Edward Lear

16. Identify the following pioneer or cattle-driving trails of the American West from their routes FTPE.

1. San Angelo, TX, along the Pecos River, and north through Pueblo and Denver to Cheyenne, WY.

Answer: Goodnight-Loving Trail

2. San Antonio, north in two parallel forks to Ellsworth and Abilene, KS.

Answer: Chisholm Trail

3. Santa Fe, NM, northwest through Colorado and Utah, and back southwest near Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

Answer: Old Spanish Trail
17. Some people who win Nobel Prizes become well-known, but that doesn't mean the people they share the award with will ever rise above obscurity. Identify the following Nobel co-winners for the stated number of points.

1. FFP (all or nothing), the two co-winners of the 1956 Physics prize with John Bardeen.

Answer: William Shockley, Walter Brattain

2. FTP, the co-winner of the 1962 Medicine prize with Watson & Crick.

Answer: Maurice Wilkins

3. F15P, the co-winner of the 1923 Medicine prize with Frederick Banting.

Answer: John Macleod
18. Time for a bonus on the Men's NCAA basketball championship. Given a year, identify the team that won the tournament FTPE. If you need the losing team and the final score from the championship game, you will receive five points.

1. 10: 1985 5: d. Georgetown, 66-64 Answer: Villanova

2. 10: 1979 5: d. Indiana State, 75-64 Answer: Michigan State

3. 10: 1966 5: d. Kentucky, 72-65

Answer: Texas Western (prompt for more info on UTEP or Texas-El Paso, as that was not the name of the school in 1966)
19. Identify the author of the following English plays FFPE.

1. "Tom Thumb" Answer: Henry Fielding

2. "All for Love, or the World Well Lost" Answer: John Dryden

3. "'Tis a Pity She's a Whore" Answer: John Ford

4. "The Plain Dealer" Answer: William Wycherley

5. "The Duchess of Malfi" Answer: John Webster

6. "The Honest Whore" Answer: Thomas Dekker
20. FTPE, identify the chemist credited with discovering the following elements or compounds.

1. benzene Answer: Michael Faraday

3. uranium Answer: Martin Heinrich Klaproth

3. nitric oxide Answer: Joseph Priestley

21. Only three men have declined the post of British Poet Laureate since its accepted modern beginnings with John Donne. One was the rather obscure William Mason. Identify the other two from the year of their refusal and the poet who then accepted the position for 10, or from works for 5.

1. 10 - William Whitehead, 1757

5 - "Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College", which contains the famous line "...where ignorance is bliss, / ┬ąTis folly to be wise".

Answer: Thomas Gray

2. 10 - Robert Southey, 1813

5 - "The Lay of the Last Minstrel" and "The Lady of the Lake" Answer: Sir Walter Scott 3. And, for a final ten points, what poet, the godson and possibly illegitimate son of William Shakespeare, succeeded Donne and was the first to be officially appointed to the post.

Answer: Sir William D'Avenant
22. Identify this famous American, 30-20-10.

1. During the Civil War, his emphasis on defensive fortifications and preparations earned him the rather dubious sobriquet, "The King of Spades."

2. He graduated second in his West Point class in 1829, and was wounded while storming Chapultepec during the Mexican War.

3. His father, known by the nickname "Lighthorse Harry", was a well-known general in his own right, as well as a close friend of George Washington.

Answer: Robert E. Lee
23. Identify the authors of these Latin works FFPE.

1. "Miles gloriosus" Answer: Titus Maccius Plautus

2. "Adelphi" Answer: Terence (Publius Terentius Afer)

3. "Germania" Answer: Cornelius Tacitus

4. "Ars amatoria" Answer: Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso)

5. "De rerum natura" Answer: Titus Lucretius Carus

6. "Ab urbe condita libri" Answer: Livy (Titus Livius)
26. FFPE, who killed the following figures from Greek myth?

1. Paris Answer: Philoctetes

2. Procrustes Answer: Theseus

3. Geryon Answer: Heracles or Hercules

4. Laius Answer: Oedipus

5. Clytemnestra Answer: Orestes

6. Acrisius Answer: Perseus
For 5 points for the first 2 and 5 more for each additional, name the 7 hills of Rome.

Answer: Aventine, Palatine, Capitoline, Quirinal,Viminal,Esquiline, Caelian

Time for environmental acronyms. Translate the following acronyms into plain English on a 10-5 basis.

1. 10 pts: D.W.S.

5 pts: This regulates contaminant levels water.

Answer: Drinking Water Standard

2. 10 pts: B.E.T.X.

5 pts: This is a measure of the aromatic hydrocarbon concentration in a sample.

Answer: Benzene Ethylbenzene Toluene Xylene(s)

3. 10 pts: V.O.C.

5 pts: This is used to describe many paints and solvents which evaporate rapidly in air.

Answer: Volatile Organic Compound

30-20-10 Identify this famous economist.

1. Educated at the University of Toledo and the University of California, during World War II he served on the National Defense Advisory Committee.

2. His 1951 American Capitalism focused on the relative economic power of major corporations within the U.S.

3. His most famous work, 1958's The Affluent Society, argued that the U.S. economy focused on the production of consumer goods to the exclusion of such public goods as schools and hospitals.

Answer: John Kenneth Galbraith

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