Ancient Rome Worksheet 3

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Ancient Rome Worksheet 3

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Julius Caesar – General, Politician, Statesman.
1) Name two countries which Julius Caesar led expeditions into? ________________________________________________________

Marius – The Great Man of the Army

2) What did Marius do that was so great? ________________________


Augustus – The First Emperor

3) Augustus arranged for the death of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. He also defeated the great Egyptian Queen ________________. Was Augustus considered a good Emperor? ________________________.

Why ? ___________________________________________________


Nero – the Madman of Rome

4) What historical event happened during Nero’s time as Emperor? ________________________________________________________

What is Nero said to have done about this ? _____________________.

Trajan – The Kid Hearted Soldier

5) Trajan was known for two personal qualities ________ and _______, and his humanity when dealing with the Senate.

6) What did Trajan do for the poor? ____________________________

Constantine The Great – Unifier of the Divided Empire

7) Constantine moved the capital of the Roman Empire from _______ to ________ which he re-named ______________ after himself.

8) Constantine was the first ___________ Emperor.
Justinian – The last ‘Great’ Emperor.
9) Justinian’s generals Belisarius and Narses, re-conquered the city of _________.
10 ) He also created a unified code of laws known as the ___________ code (named after himself) which forms the basis for all systems of law in the western world.
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