Ancient Art Lesson PlanAncient Art Lesson Plan
Greece and analyze a poem by the ancient Greek poet Pindar dedicated to an athlete. Students will then interview a classmate or an accomplished person they know and create their own “poem on demand” to commemorate that person’s achievement
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Sparta vs. AthensSparta vs. Athens
Decision Games hereby grants permission for its customers to download and/or print copies of this file for their personal use. Discussion folders for this game are located on the S&t press discussion board
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Pastor KevinPastor Kevin
Jesus? We have a future to look forward to a beautiful earth made new, a heaven that God is going to give to us all of those realities because of Jesus. That’s the only thing that makes life worth living
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Boston Massacre Viewpoints – History as Evidence-Based Writing IntroductionBoston Massacre Viewpoints – History as Evidence-Based Writing Introduction
Reading multiple texts is essential in understanding history and your ability to write an evidence-based historical argument. To understand history and to complete evidence-based writing task, students must consider the following
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Cause and Effect FoldableCause and Effect Foldable
On one side write “Causes of the Spanish American War” and on the other side write “Effects of the Spanish American War
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Pols 488 Senior Seminar Ethnic Conflict and Civil WarsPols 488 Senior Seminar Ethnic Conflict and Civil Wars
These types of conflict facilitate transnational issues such as terrorism, illicit drug trade, human trafficking, illegal arms trade, and the spread of infectious diseases across borders
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Unit Points Distribution: 2 Socratic Seminars: 10 points eachUnit Points Distribution: 2 Socratic Seminars: 10 points each
Standard 11. D: Demonstrate comprehension / understanding of a wide variety of appropriate literary works from different cultures and literary movements, including classic and contemporary literature
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The Cotton GinThe Cotton Gin
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Covenants, conditions, restrictions, reservations and easementsCovenants, conditions, restrictions, reservations and easements
Restrictions, Reservations and Easements (hereinafter referred to as the “Declaration”) is made and published by peach state land development, inc, a Georgia corporation duly authorized to do business as psld
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Not to be published in the official reportsNot to be published in the official reports
California Rules of Court, rule 1115(a), prohibits courts and parties from citing or relying on opinions not certified for publication or ordered published, except as specified by rule 1115(b)
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U. S. History High SchoolU. S. History High School
Note: An experiential activity should precede the sequence below. For example, see the Dot activity included in Introductory Activities: Setting Context
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Learning ObjectivesLearning Objectives
Discuss the characteristics of the permanent settlements established by Spain, France, and Holland on the North American mainland in the early seventeenth century
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