Young Children’s Human Rights: a sociological analysis Priscilla Alderson, AbstractYoung Children’s Human Rights: a sociological analysis Priscilla Alderson, Abstract
The youngest children’s rights illuminate meanings in all human rights, which depend less on the rational person approach than on recognising human nature, vulnerability and solidarity interacting with social structures
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But we’re American… the presence of American exceptionalism in the speeches of George W. BushBut we’re American… the presence of American exceptionalism in the speeches of George W. Bush
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War and Peace: The Anzac spiritWar and Peace: The Anzac spirit
The Australian Human Rights Commission encourages the dissemination and exchange of information provided in this publication. All material presented in this publication is provided under Creative Commons Attribution 0 Australia
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Refugees And Human Rights B. C. NirmalRefugees And Human Rights B. C. Nirmal
Safeguarding human rights in countries of origin is therefore critical both for the prevention and for the solution of refugee problems. Respect for human rights is also essential for the protection of refugees in countries of asylum
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The Jean Monnet ProgramThe Jean Monnet Program
The final part of the paper returns to the suspended question of feminine sacrifice, in order to begin to think about a form of international law that might be able to remain open to the possibility of encountering difference
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Security strategy of the united states of america the white houseSecurity strategy of the united states of america the white house
American people on September 11, 2001. This strategy reflects our most solemn obligation: to protect the security of the American people
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Neoliberalism k top ShelfNeoliberalism k top Shelf
Henry, “Totalitarian Paranoia in the Post-Orwellian Surveillance State”, Cultural Studies, 29. 2, Taylor and Francis
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A misleading, Useless and Dangerous LawA misleading, Useless and Dangerous Law
Its objectives are to defend and promote the universal and indivisible rights recognized in the International Bill of Human Rights
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Security through Human RightsSecurity through Human Rights
Freedom, justice and peace are of course in turn the very values that are at stake in the current global debate about security. Security is about freedom, about justice, and certainly about peace
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Force-feeding Asylum SeekersForce-feeding Asylum Seekers
S]urely one cannot describe the overpowering effect of moral pressure exerted by love, truth, or right by the term coercion as it is commonly understood … Is it coercion … to credit the opponent with finer feelings and evoke them by
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Original: EnglishOriginal: English
Capital punishment and the implementation of the safeguards guaranteeing protection of the rights of those facing the death penalty
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Contribution to discussion on the nature of human natureContribution to discussion on the nature of human nature
What we do know is that we have bigger brains than animals and share much of our dna. And we have evolved into homo sapiens – a species with physical bodies, brains and spirit and abilities for social organisation, development
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Constructing Nationalism in Sino-Japanese Relations 1Constructing Nationalism in Sino-Japanese Relations 1
Senior translator, international business supervisor, council member of Latin-America Association of China who majors in ir theories, nationalism and pra of fdi studies; Lecturer of Zhejiang Wanli University, teaching ir and Journalism
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