Presidency conclusionsPresidency conclusions
Union. The meeting was preceded by an exchange of views with the new President of the European Parliament, Mr Pat Cox, on the main topics for discussion. The European Council welcomes the President's initiative for political dialogue and
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1 The Age of Total War1 The Age of Total War
It may be some time until another war occurs and meanwhile the public may become educated as to the meaning of air power
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Gabrielle Ramaiah Gov 1008 Final ProjectGabrielle Ramaiah Gov 1008 Final Project
This paper seeks to ascertain whether drone strikes in Pakistan have proven effective in achieving military and political goals there and the ways in which this question can inform ideas about the utility of airpower in influencing outcomes on
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Party Behaviour in ScotlandParty Behaviour in Scotland
Paper presented at the annual Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (epop) conference, University of Edinburgh, 12-14 September 2014
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Chapter 2: the economyChapter 2: the economy
Growth in the New South Wales economy slowed in 2008-09 initially due to higher domestic interest rates and subsequently in the face of the global financial crisis
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Terrorist attacks on the united states and the impact on travel to the bahamasTerrorist attacks on the united states and the impact on travel to the bahamas
States were closed and only flights that were already in the air were allowed to land. Airlines that were supposed to fly into airports in New York were diverted to other airports. The world was shaken
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