Lbj “Great Society” Speech (original)Lbj “Great Society” Speech (original)
President Hatcher, Governor Romney, Senators McNamara and Hart, Congressmen Meader and Staebler, and other members of the fine Michigan delegation, members of the graduating class, my fellow Americans
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Violence is an enemy with many facesViolence is an enemy with many faces
The profound transformations which have taken place in Europe are particularly spectacular in this area. Here we experienced very concretely the contradictions of the former situation
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Kimberly Minor Journal Entry 1Kimberly Minor Journal Entry 1
This second week of class, January 16th and 18th, we covered John Hope Franklin in class. We read an article by John Hope Franklin entitled “Ethnicity in American Life: The Historical Perspective”. We were supposed to watch a film, but Dr
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Unit: War and Oppression 26 Day Unit Jennifer Ballard Valdosta State University November 2008Unit: War and Oppression 26 Day Unit Jennifer Ballard Valdosta State University November 2008
Stories of victims show us the uselessness and brutality of persecution, but they also show us courage and strength
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I will likely share a draft chapter from Part III, which aims to apply the theoretical groundwork set out here to a set of concrete contemporary debates about families and family care work. An abstract of the book precedes the essay
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China’s Social Reform and Rebuilding the Welfare SystemChina’s Social Reform and Rebuilding the Welfare System
The Chinese economy is growing rapidly and the Chinese society is changing as rapidly. The Chinese Government is working to revamp the social welfare system. In this area
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Hitler\Hitler's Rise and Weimar's Demise
It is surprising, then, that questions about this are often badly done. Too often candidates get bogged down in the detail of Weimar’s early years, 1919-23, leaving themselves little time to get beyond 1929 to the crucial years of 1930-33
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Chapter 29 Outline IntroductionChapter 29 Outline Introduction
Before his resignation on August 5, 1974, Richard Nixon ended the Vietnam war and began a sort of truce (détente) with the two Communist countries of China and the Soviet Union
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Crisis? what crisis? the future of the welfare stateCrisis? what crisis? the future of the welfare state
Other issues debated at the conference included the likelihood of welfare states emerging in the developing economies, the challenges of an aging population, and the changing nature of institutions in welfare
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Party Behaviour in ScotlandParty Behaviour in Scotland
Paper presented at the annual Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (epop) conference, University of Edinburgh, 12-14 September 2014
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Welfare Provision, Civil Society, and Democracy in the United StatesWelfare Provision, Civil Society, and Democracy in the United States
In particular, I suggest that more attention must be paid to the ways in which civic engagement and political action are structured by economic inequalities and welfare state institutions
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