A. New Products and New Markets
  The beginnings of the revolutionary era: the american revolution
  The industrial revolution in great britain
  Chapter 16: toward a new heaven and a new earth the Scientific Revolution and the Emergence of Modern Science
  Ap eh chapter 18 notes: the 18th Century European States, International Wars, and Social Change
  Ap european history: Chapter 17: The 18th Century An Age of Enlightenment I. The enlightenment
  The france of napoleon III
  The development of the cold war the Confrontation of the Superpowers
  Ap eh: chapter 21 Reaction, Revolution, and Romanticism, 1815-1850
  Toward the modern consciousness: intellectual and cultural developments
  I. Theory of Absolutism
  The age of reformation
  A. Jacob Burckhardt
  Chapter 14 notes: discovery & crisis in the 16th & 17th centuries
  By the 1970s, American-Soviet relations had entered a new phase known as d├ętente
  The road to world war I nationalism and Internal Dissent
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