Elizabethan Research Project

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Elizabethan Research Project
According to many scholars and historians, Shakespeare is believed to be the greatest writer of all time. Even though Shakespeare lived over four hundred years ago, his contributions to modern English are still present in modern society. Before we begin reading Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet it is important that we understand who Shakespeare was, the time period he lived in, and how his life influenced his writing. In order to gain a better understanding of Shakespeare, his life, and works, we will be conducting a research project based on the Elizabethan era.
Where do I Start?

The first thing to do is choose a topic. Below is a list of topics to choose from. Everyone must choose a different topic. This means that topics are assigned on a first come first serve basis. When you know what topic you want to write about, you must get it approved by Ms. Krynski. Once you have chosen a topic you cannot change your topic without approval.

Possible Topics:

1. How was Shakespeare influenced by the time period that he lived in? What events in his life influenced his writings?

2. Why is Shakespeare considered one of the greatest writers of all time? What has he contributed to the English language?
3. Who was Queen Elizabeth I? What type of ruler was she? What did she contribute to England?
4. What were the social classes in the Elizabethan Time Period based on? What distinguished someone as part of a certain class?
5. What was the English Renaissance? How did the mind set of the average people shift during this time period? What were some major innovations during this period?
6. What were forms of crime and punishment during the Elizabethan Era?
7. What were some forms of entertainment during the time period?

8. What were the types of sports and games during the Elizabethan Era?

9. What was the role of women during this time period? What were their jobs? How were women supposed to behave?
10. What was education like during the Elizabethan Age? How long did people attend school? Were all people allowed to attend?
11. What was marriage based on during the Elizabethan Time Period? What were the rules for love and dating?
12. What were the fashions during the Elizabethan time period? How were men and women supposed to dress?
13. What forms of music emerged during the Elizabethan time period? How was music a part of Elizabethan life?
14. What were the religious beliefs during the time period? What happened to people of a different faith than the majority?
15. What were some of the inventions developed during the Elizabethan age? What affect did the inventions have on England?
16. What were the living conditions in London like during the Elizabethan age?
17. What were common foods and drinks that people during the Elizabethan Era consumed? Were their any interesting foods or cooking methods? What was substituted for water and why? What was the diet like for an average person?
18. Research the Globe theater. What is the history of the theater? How was it constructed? Where would the different social classes be seated in the theater?
19. What was life like for an actor during this time period? Was this a prestigious job? What sex were all the actors during the Elizabethan Era? Why?
20. Research the role of the theater during the time period. Why did people attend the theater? Who condemned the theater and why?
21. What were common superstitions held during this time period? How did the superstitions influence life during this time?
22. What was the Bubonic plague? How did the plague impact Europe? How was it spread?
23. What were some revelations in science made during this time period? How did the revelations impact life during this period?
24. What was the Elizabethan family like? What were the roles of each of the family members wife, father, and children?

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