French and Indian (Seven Years) War Webquest

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French and Indian (Seven Years) War Webquest

Use the following links to research and develop an understanding of the French and Indian (Seven Years) War.

Answer the following prompts, citing the sources that you used (copy url and put it in parenthesis for anything you quote or paraphrase.)

  1. Analyze the importance of the following people in the French and Indian War. Your analysis should include the background of each individual, his role during the conflict, his effectiveness, and his contribution to the tensions between England and its colonies in America.

    1. George Washington

    2. King George III

    3. Chief Pontiac

    4. General Braddock

    5. William Pitt

  1. Describe the reasons for positioning forts in the Ohio Valley. What strategies were used to gain a potential advantage?

  1. Analyze the reasons for Indian aid to the French. Why not the British?

  1. Why did the British ultimately defeat the French and Indian Alliance?

  1. List three major land (colonial) acquisitions of Great Britain and their value according to the Treaty of Paris. List two major land (colonial) acquisitions of Spain and their value according to the Treaty of Paris. Finally, what was the clear outcome of the Treaty of Paris?

  1. Explain the significance of the Royal Proclamation of 1763.

  1. Explain the initial political, economic, and ideological polarization of Britain and its 13 original American Colonies following the French and Indian War.

Suggested websites: * *

*Note – Other websites may be used as well, provided that they are reliable sources, i.e. .edu, .gov (Two of the provided websites are .com, however they have been screened. All used websites must be cited.

Download 6.67 Kb.

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