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  1. Your favourite family member

  • My favorite family member is my dad. He is a very friendly and funny, a caring person; a doctor; and hates to see people unwell. He also cares a lot for me, and even if he scolds me for doing something bad, he'll cheer me up afterwards and give me a snack to make me feel better. I never hold grudges against him, because I just can't. He's not that kind of person.

  1. Your favourite dish

  • Everyone will have their own way to relax, relax, relieve stress and fatigue. For me, the most interesting thing is to enjoy the food that I love. Among my favorites, not to mention fried chicken.

Fried chicken is almost impossible to become familiar with in a busy life. It is often the main dish at fast food restaurants and is also something that not only adults but also children love. The chicken pieces will be coated with a layer of flour, then fried. When you eat, you will see the crispness of the fried dough and the tenderness of the chicken. The delicious taste with a little French fries or salad will give you a great meal. I really love this dish.

  1. A happy memory

  •  The trip I remember the most is the trip to Da Lat./ The trip to DL is the trip I remember the most.

  • I went there 2 months/ 3 years ago.

  •  I went with my family/ friends.

  • We went there by car/ train/ plane and it took us about 30 minutes/ 1 hour to get there.

  •  We did a lot of things there: we went sightseeing, we enjoyed the local food, we went swimming…

  • It was great/ wonderful/ fantastic/ so-so

  1. Your learning English

  • I want to learn English because this is my primary language in my academic modules. As a freshman in university, I know subjects are getting more and more difficult, thus not enhancing English can be an obstacle for my studying paths. Therefore, I would like to sieze the opportunity of learning English in order to enhance my English skills. Such skills consists of listening to proffessor when attending lectures, writing and doing exercises, and communicating with other classmates. Overall, improving my ability to use English in my daily life of studying is the reason why I would like to learing English.

  1. A time when you had a great meal at a restaurant

  • I am fascinated with the idea of spending quality time with friends or family, reminiscing good old times. That is why, once a month, I make sure to either organize a gathering or be a part of one. So, talking about the time when I had invited friends to my home for dinner, it would be last month. We ordered cheese, pizza, pasta, and some wine. I think the food here is a blend of Italian and Japanese cuisine, which somehow appeals to consumers. The portions were moderate, leaving us satisfied but not full. We talked happily over the dinner, catching up on each other’s lives, asking after our mutual friends. The night was great.

  1. Your favorite subject at high school

  • I have a lot of subjects at school such as math, physics, English, chemistry, biology but I think …

  • I’m quite passionate about …

  • What do you learn in this subject? Ex (môn tiếng Anh): In English, I learn many new words and sentence structures. Moreover, I learn how to speak and communicate in English fluently.

  • Is it difficult to study? Despite my interest in this subject, it is quite hard to learn. Ex (môn tiếng Anh): There are many rules and new words, I usually fail to keep up with conversation pace in English, Sometimes, I find it hard to learn by heart a lot of grammar

  1. Some tips to improve your memory

  1. Your ideal house

  • If I had to talk about my ideal house, it would be a beautiful house by the seaside in a peaceful country setting.I love the idea of having a two-storey house because I think it would be enough for a small family to live cosily. It would have to be painted blue, which is my favourite colour, and the ceiling would be beautifully decorated with star and moon ornaments.I love natural lights rather than artificial lights so each room would have its own windows. The windows would also be decorated with coloured string lights and various flowers, which would create a cosy atmosphere for my family. I would hang some photos of inspirational quotes on the walls in case I need some motivation. Each bedroom would have a balcony where we can enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea.The perfect location would be by the sea because I love the idea of sitting on the beach and watching the sunrise and the sunset every day. Another reason is that the weather in coastal areas is usually nice―not too hot and not too cold. It’s pleasant almost all year round.I think I would have to save a lot of money if I want to buy a house like this. The price of property has gone up dramatically in recent years, especially in coastal areas, but I think it’s really worth it.

  1. Your future plan(s)

  • I am a person with a passion for travel. I live and work towards the goal of reaching all parts of the world.Every year I will come up with travel plans for myselft. My travel plan is to arrange the travel times properly. This time will match my vacation time as well as my financial ability at that time. I plan to travel 3 times a year. Once on the public holidays April 30 – May 1, once on the public holiday of September 2, and once with your family on the Lunar New Year.People are often surprised because my family travels during Tet but this is normal and we still do it every year. One year we worked hard so it’s a time for us to warm up our feelings.I often travel with friends. We went to most of the famous tourist destinations in Vietnam. Our next year’s travel plans will be foreign tourist destinations. Traveling helps me learn many things. Exposure to a new locality, a special culture, gives me more perspectives on life.

  1. A time when you cooked a traditional food

  • Well, Vietnam has a very rich cultural diversity, which means that there are various types of traditional food. To name some, there are Chung cake, spicy beef noodle soup, or sticky rice. Chung Cake is a must-have in the Lunar New Year celebration of Vietnam. In spite of being made from simple ingredients, this traditional cake tastes wonderful and has beautiful cultural meaning. To make Banh Chung, you’ll need long-grain sticky rice, split mung bean, pork belly, salt and a lot of freshly cracked black pepper. all ingredients are wrapped inside a special leaf which calls Lá Dong. It takes about 8 or 10 hours to boil Banh Chung. Banh Chung is typically shaped into a square shape, and is often served with sauce, which is a sweet and sour dipping sauce made of fish sauce, lime juice, and sugar. It is a popular dish in Vietnam and is enjoyed by many people during the Tet holiday.

  1. A happy childhood memory

  • When I was about 11 years old I began to attend karate lessons. Before that, I had been interested in playing soccer but wanted to try something different – you know, for a change. So my parents found a karate school near where we lived and I used to go twice a week in the evenings after school. I had never done such a long run before but I started training with another person who also went to the karate club and we gradually trained ourselves for the event. I explained to all my friends and family about the event and they helped me to get a lot of sponsors for the run, people who would donate a sum of money for each of the kilometres run on the day of the event. We wanted to raise as much money as possible. When it came time for the charity run, I remember it was a beautiful day, a Saturday in the morning, and we started at about 10 am. The first part of the run was quite easy but soon everybody began to feel tired and slowed down. But we started to encourage each other and especially the few people at the back of the group and we all motivated each other to keep on going. It was tough, but we all finished eventually and we were extremely happy to have completed the entire 10 kilometres – quite an achievement for the first time. I still remember it now, because it was such a great bunch of people, boys, girls and older people too and it was just like a big family doing something important together. There was a lot of support and camaraderie in the group – a great feeling. And we also raised a lot of money that day for a good cause in the community. So it was a very memorable event in my childhood.

  1. Your home

  • I live in a small apartment in the city. It is a one-bedroom unit located on the fourth floor of a high-rise building. Although it is not very big, I find it comfortable and convenient.The apartment has a simple design with white walls and beige tiles on the floor. It is sparsely furnished with only the necessary items, such as a bed, a sofa, a small dining table, and a few chairs. I don’t have many decorations, but I do have some picture frames and a few plants to add some color to the space.The bedroom is quite small, with just enough space for a double bed and a wardrobe. There is a large window that provides plenty of natural light during the day. The living room is slightly larger and has a balcony with a nice view of the city.The kitchen is very small, with only a sink, a fridge, and a two-burner stove. There is no oven or microwave, so I have to cook simple meals on the stove. There is also a small bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink.Overall, my apartment is not very luxurious, but it is affordable and meets my basic needs. It is located in a convenient location, close to public transportation, supermarkets, and restaurants. I enjoy living here, although I do wish it were a bit bigger and more stylish.

  1. A memorable journey you had

  • Last summer, I went to Cua Lo with my family. We went there by car, it is very far frommy house, it is about 400 km, so we were very tired, but at first we felt better when we saw the sea. Cua Lo beach is really interesting, the beach is very large, flat, and it has a lot of sand. Waves are verystrong, you will be very excited when you play with them. There are a lot of beauty spots, andgoodseafood there We stayed in the Binh Minh hotel. It was a very nice and comfortable hotel, it’s also rather near thesea. The weather was hot and sunny all day. The sea was cool and clear, because it was very windyintheafternoon. We went swimming twice a day. My children were excited about it. The foodwasextremely delicious but not very expensive. We took a lot of Photographs of the sea, bought a lot of seafood especially octopus and someseapresent for our relatives After a week in Cua Lo beach we felt happy and stronger. We hope to go there again.

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