Greek fire first-year Initiates Reaching Excellence Purpose

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Greek FIREifc

First-year Initiates Reaching Excellence


To prepare new members for membership in the Greek community, in giving them the skills to become future leaders in all aspects of the campus, while creating a community within new members and the entire Greek community.


Implementation will be through voluntary participation by IFC chapters based on a recognition system. During this introduction year, any chapter who participates, at any level, will be recognized both on the IFC website and recruitment book as well as have a letter sent to their national or international headquarters. Participation in the Greek Fire program is not mandatory but is highly encouraged. The programs are designed to supplement your individual chapter’s new member education program and increase the unity between our IFC chapters.

Note: The events listed below are merely suggestions. If you feel that your chapter already participates in a program that would fit in a category below, please e-mail the VP of Membership Development, Brenden Lowe, at Approval must be granted before the event in order for it to count towards the Greek Fire program. If you have any questions or need help scheduling events, please contact Brenden Lowe.

  1. Attend either a Rho Gamma event or an event listed on the following page.

  2. If the event is not one listed on the following page, e-mail the VP of Membership Development, Brenden Lowe, at

  3. Have at least 80% of your new members attend the event. Active members are invited to attend as well but never required.

  4. Notify the VP of Membership Development that your members attended the event either by submitting the attached event submission form to the VP of Membership Development mailbox in the Center for Student Involvement (2500 Student Center) or by filling out the Electronic Event Submission Form on the IFC website (

  5. Please notify the VP of Membership Development within a week of completing the event.

Note: The IFC will take attendance at the Rho Gamma events so you do not have to submit the event submission form for those.



  • Personal and professional development – Consciousness of one’s self

  1. Rho Gamma presentation on Using Greek experience on your resume

  2. True-Colors presentation

  3. Interview Skills presentation

  4. Strengths Quest

  1. Rho Gamma presentation on Study Skills/time management

  2. Hire Mizzou Tigers Registration of all new members

  1. Hazing Education/Hazing Prevention Awareness program

  2. Wellness Resource Center Presentation

  3. Green Dot Presentation


  1. Rho Gamma presentation on IFC values/ What is IFC

  2. Organize, plan, or attend a non-alcoholic social activity with another chapter

  • Campus Community – Collaboration

  1. All New Members involved in at least one other organization

  2. AASB traditions presentation

  3. Involvement Ambassador presentation

  4. Mizzou After Dark event

  1. Attend an NPHC event

  2. Attend/Host an LGBTQ Program/Ally Training - safespace

  3. Attend a university sponsored diversity speaker or program


  • Service – Citizenship

  1. Participate in an approved community service event with another chapter 3+ hours

  2. Host a community service event in community 5+ hours

  • Philanthropy

  1. Co-Sponsor a philanthropy event with another IFC Chapter

  2. 80% of New Members participation in a philanthropy event outside of the Greek Community (Dance Marathon, Relay for Life, Camp Kesem, etc.)

Greek Fire Event Submission Form

Chapter ___________________________ Date___________________________

Core Curriculum Area (circle one)

Individual Group Society

Sub Area______________________________

Presentation Name_________________________________________________

Presenter Department______________________________________________

Presenter E-mail____________________________________________________

Presenter Signature_________________________________________________

New Member Educator Signature__________________________________

Number of New Members present___________

Turn in to the VP of Membership Development Mailbox in the CSI, 2500 Student Center

Academic Retention Services

Career Center

Career Services Offices

Counseling Center

Student Success Center

Risk Management
Campus PD

(573) 882-7201
Columbia PD

Conduct Office
Fire Safety

Shawn McCollom, Assistant Fire Marshal
RSVP (Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention) Center

Student Legal Services

(573) 882-9700
Wellness Resource Center

Member Development
Center for Leadership Development & Community Involvement

Counseling Center

Emerging Greek Leaders Program

Updated: 4/23/2012Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

Mizzou Office for Financial Success

New Member Education: New Student Programs

Personal Financial Planning Dept.

Venture Out


Service & Philanthropy
Disability Services

Diversity Peer Educators

Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center

International Center


Service & Philanthropy
LGBTQ Resource Center

Multicultural Center

Women’s Center

Mizzou Alternative Break

Caring for Columbia

Center for Leadership & Service

Updated: 2/20/2014

 Craft Studio

 Sustainability Office/ Environmental Leadership Office


 Office of Greek Life staff


 Chapter Alumni

 Chapter Advisors


 National/Local Chapter Beneficiary

Greek FIRE Membership Development Program

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