Guided Scavenger Hunt

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Guided Scavenger Hunt

Christopher Columbus
Access the online CyberExplorer Site Guide to help guide you in finding answers to these questions and any others that you add. If you need help, use the Hints to go directly to specific websites.

  1. What year was Christopher Columbus born? (Hint: #4 and #5)

  1. Where was Christopher Columbus born?

  1. What did Columbus' father do for a living?

  1. Did Christopher Columbus get married? If so, to whom? When?

  1. What titles did Christopher Columbus receive? List three if you can!! Include who gave him the title and when he or she gave it to him. (Hint: #5)

  1. Who was Martin Pinzon? Did he get along with Christopher Columbus?

  1. How many voyages did Columbus make looking for Asia? What are the dates of his voyages? (Hint: #4 and #6)

  1. List at least 5 food items that Christopher Columbus and his men would have eaten on their sea voyages. (Hint: #3)

  1. What year did Christopher Columbus die? What was the probable cause? Where is he buried?

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