Honors History of Chicago Course Syllabus 2012-2013

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Honors History of Chicago

Course Syllabus 2012-2013
John C. Silva Room 108 E-mail: jcsilva@cps.edu

Web site: http://www.mrsilva.us http://lindblomeagles.org

Welcome to Honors History of Chicago. The official motto of Chicago is “Urbs in Horto” which is Latin for “City in a Garden”. However Chicago has many unofficial mottos. These include, “City of Big Shoulders”, “the City that Works”, “America’s 2nd City”, and “a city of neighborhoods”. What is perhaps more important though is that the story of Chicago is a story about an incredibly diverse populace. Chicago is the story of immigrants, speculators, gangsters, industrialists, dreamers, laborers, entrepreneurs, and politicians. The focus of this course will be on the people who have made Chicago one of the great cities of America.
Required Materials

  • Text: “City of Big Shoulders”

  • Standard, college-ruled notebook or binder with note paper

  • Portable storage device such as a flash drive or memory stick or an online file storage account. (see class web site for more information)

Web Site Memberships;

For this course, students are required to have login and passwords for these web sites. Wordpress: A blog creation and management web site. TurnitIn.com: http://www.turnitin.com for submitting research papers. Class ID #s and passwords will be posted on class web site.

Class Web Site; I maintain a web site for my classes at http://www.mrsilva.us. All students are expected to check this site frequently for course updates, homework, etc.
Current Events; During this year, students are expected to keep up-to-date on what is happening in the Chicago area by keeping up with current events. There will be regular, but not necessarily scheduled current events quizzes.
Contacting Me; The best way to contact me outside of class is via e-mail. My CPS address is jcsilva@cps.edu.
General information about this course and my class

The # 1 expectation in my classroom is respect. I want my classroom to be an open and welcoming learning community. I fully expect students to respect each other; to respect me, and to respect themselves. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

Part of maintaining a respectful classroom is keeping the classroom clean. Therefore students are not allowed to eat or drink in my classroom unless you have your own water bottle (not disposable).
This classroom is a history room. When you are in my classroom, you should not be working on assignments for another class. Even if you think you have everything done for my class, take out your notebook and review your notes or help someone else with their work.
I expect students to come to class on time and prepared to work as soon as class begins. There is no place in this building that will take more than ten minutes to get to my class. Get here on time.
There are several periods during different school days when my classroom is open. Students are welcome to come and use my room as a study space. I usually arrive at school around 7:00am. If you would like to come in and use my computers or simply study you are welcome. Do not however come running into my room 5 minutes before school starts looking to print the paper you have due at 8:00.
The best way to contact me outside of class is through e-mail. My e-mail address has been provided on this syllabus.
Academic Integrity; Lindblom Math & Science Academy prohibits all forms of academic dishonesty including cheating and plagiarism. Plagiarism is presenting the words or ideas of another author as if they are your own. If you consult books or web sites, cite them fully and properly. If you use the words of others, put quotation marks around them and cite your source, like this…
“You plagiarize when, intentionally or not, you use someone else’s words or ideas but fail to credit that person. You plagiarize even when you do credit the author but use his exact words without so indicating with quotation marks or block indentation. You also plagiarize when you use words so close to those in your source, that if your work were placed next to the source, it would be obvious that you could not have written what you did without the source at your elbow.”1
Plagiarism will result in a 0 (zero) on the assignment and an Academic Integrity Violation notice. Subsequent violations of the Academic Integrity policy may result in a failing grade for the term or year. Remember, if you can find it on the web, I can find it on the web.

1 Booth, Wayne C., Colomb, Gregory G. and Williams, Joseph M., The Craft of Research Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1995, 167.

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