Jeb stuart Raiders Golf 2011 Boys and Girls Teams Guidelines and Expectations for Team Members

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JEB Stuart Raiders Golf 2011

Boys and Girls Teams
Guidelines and Expectations for Team Members
Playing on an athletic team is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. It is also a major responsibility. Below are some of the expectations we have of those who will play on the boys and girls golf teams at JEB Stuart High School:

  • You will always represent the school well. That means showing good sportsmanship, trying your best to succeed, upholding the standards of etiquette of the game of golf, and being respectful and courteous to others on and off the golf course.

  • The main criteria for being a part of the varsity boys and girls golf teams is participation. You will be part of the varsity team (and earn a varsity letter) if you come to practice and participate in a positive manner. This includes showing an eager attitude to learn the game of golf, follow its rules and etiquette, and encourage your teammates to do the same. While we will not put a specific limit on the overall size of the team, we will have to limit the number of golfers who play in some practices and matches due to space availability at some golf courses.

  • As a member of the varsity boys and girls golf teams, you will attend practices and matches on a regular basis. It is understandable that some conflicts may occur with our team’s schedule and other commitments (family, academic, other activities like band). Please let Coach Welch or Coach Rivers know if there is a conflict in advance that may cause you not to be able to attend a practice or match so we can make proper arrangements. While missing a practice or match on occasion for some of these other commitments may be accepted, to be a part of the team, you must regularly attend our activities.

  • The school does not provide transportation for our practices and matches. Therefore we must arrange a carpool system to ensure everyone is able to get to practices and matches. Please look over the schedule with your parents and find out if they can provide transportation for you to practices and matches. If not, it is imperative that you contact Coach Welch ahead of time to let him know you need transportation so he can arrange that with other parents. Please ask your parents if they are willing to drive other students as well. Once school starts, we will have a system where parents driving will meet students in the back parking lot and depart at 2:10 pm. You must move quickly from your last period class and out to the back parking lot so we can leave on time and not be late for the times allotted for us at the golf course. Be on time!!!

  • Forms: To be part of the boys and girls golf teams, there are a series of forms you MUST complete. This includes a physical form, emergency care form, participation form, concussion test forms and field trip/transportation forms. You will not be allowed to participate on the team in practices and matches without these forms. Please complete them as soon as possible.

  • Fundraising: All sports at JEB Stuart High School do not exist without the work of our players, parents, coaches and the larger community raising funds. Many of the things we use on the golf team are paid for through these funds. As a part of the team, you are required to take part in all fundraising activities. We will do an internet fundraiser (called “Kintera”) through the school. Please have 10 people you can e-mail to ask for donations to our school’s athletic program. We will do other fundraisers during the season as well. You are expected to participate in these.

  • Uniforms: The golf team every year purchases team golf shirts. Because players want to keep the shirts and use them for our season and for golfing activities beyond the season, we ask you to buy a shirt at the beginning of the season. Information on the cost of the shirt will be provided to you at the beginning of the season. Please let Coach Welch know if you need any assistance in purchasing a team shirt.

  • Dress Etiquette: It is important that we respect the golf courses where we play and dress appropriately for when we play golf. This is a good lesson for life – if you want to be respected, look good. This is why we have team golf shirts for the boys and girls golf teams. It is important that you look like a golfer when you go to the golf course. You are expected to wear the team shirt at all matches, and you are also encouraged to wear them at practices. If at practice you do not wear the team shirt, we expect you to wear another appropriate golf shirt (generally collared, not t-shirts). Please wear dress shorts or pants (no gym/basketball shorts or jeans) and appropriate footwear (athletic shoes or golf shoes). Girls may wear sleeveless shirts (however, not tank tops). You don’t have to wear these things to school. If you want, put these golf clothes in your bag and you can change when we arrive at the golf course. Just be ready to look like a golfer when you play golf.

  • Weather: We are at the mercy of mother nature when we play golf. If there is inclement weather, we will try to notify you before our scheduled practice or match if it is canceled. If you do not hear from us, assume the practice or match is still on. With hot weather, bring a drink or some money to purchase a drink while at the golf course. You may also want to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, and a hat. With excessive heat, we may have to cancel practices/matches. Again, we’ll try to notify you ahead of time if this occurs.

  • Academics: While the basic VHSL rules require you to maintain passing grades in at least 5 courses, we expect you to do even better than this. We will regularly discuss your performance in your classes and check to be sure you are keeping up with your work. Seek extra help with your teachers if needed, and we encourage you to do this even if it means missing a practice or match (just let us know if this occurs). If your grades are low, we will not allow you to participate with the team until we see noticeable improvement. Your academics come first. Make it a priority to do well in school.

Eric Welch Marc Rivers

Golf Coach Golf Coach

Room E-99 Room K-217

Tel: 703-980-5852 Tel: 703-509-1239

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