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Luke Flakoll

Mr. Allen

English 8

19 May 2014

Jefferson vs. Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson and alexander Hamilton were politically polar opposites, at the end of the 1700's Jefferson believed that the power should be given to the people, and people like farmers should run the country, while Hamilton felt strongly that the social elite should run the country, in a republican system. Hamilton thought that the constitution should never be changed or altered. Imagine that government officials in Washington D.C traveled back in time and got the founding fathers to come back with them, they wanted to see if they would actually be fit to run the country in our modern times. If brought back to life and political prominence, Thomas Jefferson would be the best fit, especially on the issues of education, economy, and the views of human nature.

Thomas Jefferson would be better at handling our nation's education because he believed that we would be better off having a basic education. "The less wealthy people... by the bill for a general education would be qualified to understand their rights, to maintain them, and to exercise with intelligence their parts in self-government; and all this would be affected without the violation of a single natural right of any one individual citizen." (Iseek) This shows that he believed people with basic education would be better off, because they were the loyal average American. He didn't want it like Hamilton wanted it in a sense that all the wealthy and smart would have all the power. This would be good for education today because you don't need to have the most money and the best education to be a leader, which is what Hamilton believed.

Additionally, he would also be the best candidate for our country's economy and the views he had for it. Jefferson was a countryman; he believed that the country relied not on the federalists but the Republican farmers. "Those who labor in the earth are chosen people of god if he ever had a chosen people," (pg. 153) He thought that the hard working farmer laborers would be the best fit to run the country because they would be the chosen people of god, That they would be a better choice than the elitists. Jefferson wanted the economy to be agriculture based but they believed that the national bank was unconstitutional and wouldn't give loans to them to buy land, which made it difficult to expand. This would be good for today's economy because agriculture based economy would be strong and developed.

Furthermore, Jefferson was much more hopeful for the human race than Hamilton. He assumed that informed citizens could make good decisions for themselves and their country. "I have so much confidence in the good sense of men." Jefferson wrote when revolution broke out in France, "that I am never afraid of the issue where reason is left free to exert her force." (Iseek) Jefferson thought humans were good and can make good decisions for their country. When Hamilton thought that humans were basically selfish and out for them. Hamilton's view of human nature was shaped by his wartime experiences. All too often, he had seen people put their own interests and personal profit above patriotism and the needs of the country. (Iseek) A leader that thought everyone was only out for themselves would not be fit for leading in modern day because we need someone who is for the people not against them.

This is why Jefferson would be best fit on the views of education, economy, and human nature. Thomas Jefferson thought that you need to be rich and have the best education possible to make good decisions for our country. He had the ideas that we would have an agriculture based economy which would be good because it would have worked well and farmers would help lead the country instead of the elitists and the federalists who aren't nearly as hard working as the good American farm folk. Also Jefferson wants the best for the American people and doesn't just think that people are out for themselves like Hamilton thought. Would you really want a person that thinks you're just selfish and out for yourself I think not?

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