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It will help you while reading this piece if you know Marx’s purpose. Marx, in the Manifesto, is laying out what he sees as the way human societies have functioned and how they have changed over time. He is particularly interested in explaining the changes happening in European societies and others during his time in the 1800’s. The Manifesto is also a union organizing pamphlet. He wants to convince workers that they need to band together.
1. According to Marx, what trait or characteristic has characterized human societies throughout history?
2. At the time Marx was alive and writing what two new groups were coming into existence, who according to Marx, were in conflict with each other? What does he name them?

3. Who were the “bourgeoisie”?

4. What do you think Marx means when he writes, “The executive of the modern state is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie”?

5. What drives the bourgeoisie over the entire world from their country of origin? What are they looking for? Why not just stay at home?

6. What “forces” the barbarian or foreigner to accept the intrusion of the bourgeoisie into their societies?

7. What problem or “epidemic,” unheard of in earlier human history, is periodically unleashed by the bourgeoisie? Why do you think this would be a problem? (Hint: think supply and demand)

8. Who are the proletariat?

9. The proletariat survive or make their living by doing what?

10. According to Marx, what eventually brings workers, who were competing against each other, together to form groups? Why form a group?

11. What does Marx think sets the proletarian movement he hopes will occur apart from all previous social movements?

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