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Lifestyle/Biography 1 x 54 (Spain 2012) Produced and Directed by Zev Robinson. Arts/History 1 x 54, 1 x 72, (Italy 2008) Produced by Amelia Fiorenzato, Directed by Alessandro Bettero. HD 1080i/Digi Beta, MAN FREE: Jamaica Through Its People's Eyes Travel/Culture/Human Interest 1 x 55 (USA/Jamaica 2011) Produced by David Garonzick and Kinsey Beck, Directed by Kinsey Beck Lifesize Entertainment is proud to celebrate our 7th anniversary as a full service North American Distribution Company and Worldwide Sales Agent for quality feature films and documentaries. Current Events/Biography 1 x 54 (USA 2011)  Featuring: Ice Cube, Steve Harvey, Del Dog.  Produced by Kinsey Beck and Simon Bowler.  Directed by Kinsey Beck.    NEW PROGRAMS  EVITA: The Documentary


Samba Your Feet is a delightful viewing experience. The program explores the music of Samba and the cultural tradition that made Brazil famous. With the Summer Olympics hosted by Brazil in two years there will be a growing interest in all things Brazilian. Featuring some of the greatest living samba artists in Brazil, SAMBA YOUR FEET is an informative, foot tapping celebration of Brazilian life and music.


Music/Dance/Culture 1 x 52 (USA/Brazil 2007). Directed by Eduardo Montes-Bradley. 
 CHE: RISE & FALL From the cradle to the grave, from the early summers in Argentina to the jungles of the Congo and Bolivia, Che:Rise & Fall reveals a very human and still irreplaceable giant of history. This extraordinary documentary was shot entirely in Cuba while the legend's remains were being airlifted to Havana for re-burial. Through the words of Dr. Alberto Granados, Che's motorcycle companion, and three members of Guevara's Iron Guard, we gain unique insight into one of the great legends of the twentieth century.


History/Biography 1 x 52 (USA 2008) Directed by Eduard Montes-Bradley  The truth behind Eva Duarte has been enlarged and distorted by the passage of time. EVITA: The Documentary strips away the myths of demon or saint that usually accompany stories of Evita's life by using never before seen archival footage to trace the footsteps of the young actress from her birthplace in the Pampas to her bold rise to power and finally to her spectacular funeral in Buenos Aires. This program spares no conflict and softens no sharp edges as it places Eva Duarte in her proper historical context.


History/Biography  1 x 52, (USA 2006)  Produced by Heritage Film Project. 


Rescue Vet, the new  13 x 30 HD series about emergency animal medicine has been licensed throughout Europe and the Middle East. Germany, Spain and Portugal are the remaining European territories available for licensing. USA/Canada, Asia/Pacific and Latin America are also now available.

"Rescue Vet" is an upbeat and informative series that celebrates the professionals who dedicate their lives to caring for animals and the owners who love their pets. While "Rescue Vet" is similar in content to Nat Geo's very successful "Incredible Dr. Po," production values for"Rescue Vet" are arguably much higher and the content has broader appeal.    

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(The password is HSCRV103)   


Street Apostle is an in-depth and behind-the-scenes portrait of one of Los Angeles' most infamous gangsters, Del Dog, a redeemed LA Crips leader, who is now working to spread unity throughout the hoods of LA.  Through the use of harrowing on the street footage, remarkable interviews and the observations of media stars Ice Cube, Steve Harvey and more, Street Apostle creates an unforgettable portrait of one man's struggle against the nihilistic code of gang life.  AVAILABLE: All except USA.We can provide a URL and password for online viewing of the program upon request. Further information on the film can be viewed at Reality/Pets/Wildlife 13 x 30 (USA 2012)  Produced by Hollywood SC Studios,  Directed by Jessie Anderson-Berens   

  Join archaeologist and adventurer Dr. Monty Dobson as he digs into the history of North America. Each episode explores archaeological sites and uses the clues found there to tell the hidden history of America. Whether exploring the mystery of the massive Native American city of Cahokia, scuba diving the Great Lakes to find the truth about Revolutionary War naval battles, or recreating the first Spanish settlements of the southwest, you are in for the archeological adventure of a lifetime. America From The Ground Up is history as you've never seen it before! You can learn more about this exciting series, slated for a December 1, 2012 delivery date, by visiting  AVAILABLE: All except USA.   AMERICA FROM THE GROUND UP; History/Archeology  8 x 30 or 4 x 60, (USA 2012)  Directed by Travis Boley   An engaging, beautifully shot program about the vinter family who almost single handedly made the La Rioja Wine growing region in Spain what it is today. Through the use of interviews, striking visuals and archival footage, Dinastia Vicanco chronicles the rise of a family, a region and its wonderful wines to international prominence.   STREET APOSTLE

 AMERICA FROM THE GROUND UP  DINASTIA VIVANCO  CARLO GOLDONI: The Venice Grand Theatre Of The World In the mid 1700's whenVenice was at the apex of its power, young playwright Carlo Goldoni risked his career and rejected the traditional comedia della arte formula for a more realistic comedy based on the authentic personalities and emotions of his characters. In doing so Goldoni ushered in a new era of Italian theatre that soon influenced the form throughout the continent. By combining incredible footage and research with recreated scenes from Goldoni's life, this program tells the story of his youth, the triumphs and the tragedies of his middle years and the flourishing of Goldoni's work when he moved to France.

The Trailer can be viewed HERE.  MAN FREE: Jamaica Through Its People's Eyes

  Man Free moves way beyond traditional travel programming to present the beautiful country of Jamaica as we've never seen it before. With insightful commentary by legendary Jamaican filmmaker Perry Henzell (The Harder They Come) Man Free sheds a light on real life in Jamaica. It's not all reggae and beaches. It's also a land full of conflict and struggle and the quest for a better life.

But through all the hardships, we come to realize that Jamaicans possess a diversity and grace that matches the beauty of their island home.

You can learn more about Man Free at


In Development. All rights currently available. Ports of the Caribbean will navigate by boat, through one of the most historical, beautiful and varied sea regions of the world. Irreverent, informed, and adventurous, we embark on an entertaining and fascinating journey, where each port of call is a gateway to the culture, history, people, and food of its nation; Florida, The Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica,Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, Barbados, Venezuela,Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico.

Travel/Culture 26 x 30 (USA/Jamaica) Produced by Simon Bowler and Kinsey Beck. Directed by Kinsey Beck. In HD. 

Meet Anarchy Championship Wrestling, a hardcore wrestling company based in San Antonio, Texas. Squared Circle Dreams provides an intimate and hair raising window into the lives of the owners, wrestlers and fans who drive this phenomenon. Every episode includes incredible wrestling footage as well as intimate and fascinating behind the scenes material. Squared Circle Dreams is perfect lifestyle programming for male oriented time slots. The series is ready for delivery.

Lifestyle/Sports, 8 x 24, (USA 2009) Digi Beta, Directed by Jonathan Thomas. Featuring: Masada, Showtime Summers, and many more.

Dedicated outdoors programmers should not miss this new age fly fishing series. You'll experience the excitement of big game fly fishing in six unique locations as we follow the Fly Max crew on their quest to catch a wide variety of species, including Canada's largest cutthroat trout, sturgeon, salmon and gar. Fly Fish Like A Pro is hip and entertaining exploration of the excitement and beauty of fly fishing.

Outdoors/Special Interest 6 x 30, (Canada, 2009) Produced by Fly Max Films. Digi Beta. Completed.  NEXT PAGE > VIEW OUR DOCUMENTARIES AND OTHER FILM OFFERINGS

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