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Pastor Kevin

That life is worth living at all it’s because of Jesus, right? That is for sure because in this world that’s so often filled with garbage and sorrow, and suffering and death, what would we do without Jesus? We have a future to look forward to a beautiful earth made new, a heaven that God is going to give to us all of those realities because of Jesus. That’s the only thing that makes life worth living.

Well today we start a new subject in our bible study time together. We’re going to be looking at the supernatural over the next couple of months. We’re going to be looking at things like miracles, we’re going to be talking about things like séances, and the dead, and do they come back. We’re going to be talking about things like heaven and angels, we’re going to talk about some myths. We’re even going to be talking about evolution, and some other things like that over the next couple of months together. These next few months you need to pray for me. I’m serious about this you really need to pray for me. Because in the past, whenever I have begun to preach on certain subjects there’s always been and increase in difficulty in trouble. So I want to ask you to pray for me, and I mean that.

Now, let me give you and example. The devil doesn’t want me to preach this sermon to you today. Yesterday I had planned my day, things were looking good in the morning, and I had planned today to do a PowerPoint presentation for you on the subject of Atlantis, because I wanted to show you some pictures, to see some things as well as hear some things. The first thing that happened to me yesterday is that my computer completely crashed. I can’t do pictures for you without my computer. In addition to that I had planned to garnish some things I had found in different places some factual material that I wanted to show you on the screen and give that to you and the only way I could do that was to hook up to the internet so I could do that. I couldn’t hook up to the internet, because my computer’s crashed. So I actually spent most of the day yesterday trying to rescue my computer enough to give you what I can give you this morning. But the Lord heard my prayers, and through difficulty, and prayer, he enabled me to put together enough that I could present this to you. That’s the kind of thing that happened whenever I have opened the bible to preach to people about what the devil is doing in the world. You see there’s nothing that the devil fears so much is that you shall become acquainted with his devices. Because if you become aware of what he’s doing in the world, then you’ll recognize it as being the devil and you’ll resist it as from the devil and you’ll reject it from the devil which means you’ll reject him and the savior and he doesn’t want you so do that. Amen? And so as we look at what the devil is doing over the next month or two, I need you to pray for me. I mean that so will you promise that you’ll be praying for me especially over the next month or two? We really need your prayers, and please invite people that need to hear these subjects. There are a lot of young people I wish were here today. Because we’re going to be talking about something that is really fascinating to a lot of young people, and older people alike and in your bulletins if you pick them up you should have some yellow notes about Atlantis. You see Atlantis is a very fascinating subject. Atlantis as the myth or story is told was apparently as the story goes a large continent, or at the very least, a large island somewhere in the Atlantic. Plato said that it was just a little bit west of what would now be called Spain. A little bit west out there in the Atlantic Ocean, west of the Rock of Gibraltar out in that area. Large land mass is what the saying is. On that island there is a group of people who were very brilliant, people very intelligent had insight into nature and science like nobody else in the world. Furthermore, the myth says that the god Poseidon, decided to reside on that island or continent and began to have miracle relationships that with people with offspring were produced might people, mighty men, in that island area, in that region. That region was full of gold and jewels, and silver, and natural resources so they were very wealthy. They decorated themselves with a lot of this stuff I’ve read that the myth says that the clothing that they made was made out of all this material, this gold and silver and jewels, and they use it in their buildings, because it was so plentiful. In fact one account I read said it was so plentiful, that it was like common ordinary wood and building material to us today, it was so plentiful. But because they were so rich, and because they were so brilliant, the story goes on to say that this lead them into a life of pleasure seeking, which lead them into deeper and deeper vice, which eventually came out and out immorality. Which also lead into violence, also lead to the subjugation of other nations around them, so there was a lot of war and violence and immorality that came as the years came into Atlantis. So this beautiful island that had intricate canals and a system of commerce like the world had never known, this beautiful place the myth says, the story says that Zeus when he saw, and who is Zeus? Well in Mythology Zeus is the king of the gods. He is the god of the gods the most powerful God; in charge of all the Gods according to Greek mythology. Zeus when he saw all this terrible immorality and this awful stuff going on he decided to destroy Atlantis. So as Plato put and I found the writings, and you can look it up on the Internet you can read Plato’s writings right there. He says in a day and night in a misfortune, the island of Atlantis was destroyed by an earthquake and a flood, and sank into the depths of the sea. Never to be heard from again. Well, that’s the myth, that’s the story in a nutshell, that’s the story.

Ever since that time, people have been trying to find reminisce, or relic, or find some kind of evidence Atlantis really did exist. There are people who spend millions of dollars; you’re talking about people like the National Geographic. You’re talking about people like John Ballard, who is the one who found the Titanic, and the Lucentia, and who is doing exploration in the Black Sea. These people are spending millions and millions of dollars to find evidence of civilizations yes, but in the back of their mind they right, is this Atlantis? And since the 1960’s there’s been a lady named Maxine, I’m trying to think of her last name you see I had planned to have that all here for you up on the screen and everything but this lady I can’t think of her last name right now, but she’s done research on this and she has found an entire sunken civilization, I’ll tell you about that one in a minute. This one is several tens of feet below the surface of the sea near Spain; columns, big columns, big buildings, completely submerged underneath the ocean. She’s even documenting this she’s about ready to turn out a documentary film on all her findings about this completely submerged civilization near Spain. Is it Atlantis? She says it is. Well then on the other hand this Mr. Ballard, he has found an entire city, completely sunk three hundred feet under the Black Sea, ancient civilization completely sunken underneath. Is it Atlantis, Ballard thinks it’s related, must be at least part of the Atlantian system, he says.

Then if you go to the Bahamas there’s a whole sunken city there with huge walls that are buried beneath the sea with these great big huge stones I’ve seen pictures of it, just so huge. You would say “how would the ancients even begin to move those things?” So then around South America there are sunken cities off the coastlines of South America, there are sunken relics and sunken remains of ancient civilizations not too far from North America and Asia it’s the same thing and around India it’s the same way, so under all of these oceans there’s all of this reminisce of all these cities that are being documented by all of these researchers for people to find out about. In the back of everybody’s mind they’re saying is it Atlantis? Well, I’m here to tell you today that I believe with all my heart, that every myth, has an element of truth. Every myth has an element of truth.

I want you to turn to Genesis, Chapter 1, as we find Atlantis in the Bible. The Bible tells us about Atlantis, only it doesn’t use that name. I believe with all my heart that Atlantis, the story of Atlantis, is based on truth. And like all myths the truth went on to become more than the truth actually was, embellished through the centuries. But there’s a powerful amount of truth to be found, about Atlantis. So as we go to Genesis chapter 1, lets remember how God did a few things. In Chapter one God said “Let there be what? Light.” Now the Hebrew word for light doesn’t just mean like the glow of these inflorescent bulbs that are shining down on the platform, or the light that is streaming through glass windows. The word light in Hebrew also means energy. A lot of people had said well, you know how could there be light before there was a sun and there was a moon? Well, the word light doesn’t necessarily mean a glow in Hebrew it also means energy. If any of you have studied physics, you know that everything, this pulpit right here, the carpet under our feet the pews that your sitting on these laminated beams in hear, all of this has energy in it. It’s all got energy. Which technically, is light in Hebrew. The first thing that God did is he brought energy to this place in the universe, light, energy, powerful energy. He said “Let there be light, let there be energy.” And POOF, there it was, when God shows up, there’s always energy. If you need any light in your life, turn to God, he’s go all you’ll ever need. In Genesis Chapter 1 verse 6, God said let there be firmament or a sky, some of the Bible said. So what God did was here was this earth that he created that he had all of this energy ready to go. The first thing he did was say let there be a sky. So what happened was is that you had water all over the face of the ground, the earth was covered with water, and then above there was a water vapor canopy. That surrounded the entire world with a sky or an atmosphere in between. Now the wonderful thing about that according to scientists is that if you had a water vapor canopy that surrounded this entire earth. Not water, but water vapors, if you had that around this earth, you would have some wonderful things happen according to scientists. One thing you would have is you would have all the harmful rays of the sun being deflected back out into space and would not come back to this earth. Now what does that mean? Well that means that life here would be a lot gentler. That means that people would live a lot longer because the harmful rays of the sun encourages aging. If any of you know if you leave wood out it bleaches if you leave plastic out it destroys it. You leave fabric out it causes it to rot away. The sun is very harmful in its power on all of us. If we stay out in the sun too long you get blisters on your skin, you break out, so the water vapor canopy reflected it back out. Which, by the way, when we talk about evolution, I’ll tell you why that matters when it comes to scientific dating. And how that changes the whole picture, if you had a water vapor canopy, but that’s another time. Another thing it would’ve done is it would have increased the atmospheric pressure. If it would’ve increased the atmospheric pressure and there was more oxygen content so the classes say, that means that things would’ve thrived, things would have been bigger, things would have grown, and animals and plants would have all been bigger and would have produced more and better fruit, more energy. If you watch in the super bowl, or watch and football or basketball games sometimes they are over there sucking in oxygen, because it produces energy as they do that and it restores their energy level.

So, they tell us this earth, as the Bible describes it, is a very fertile place, and very, powerful, lots of energy. In Genesis chapter one verse ten, the next thing God did was he separated the land from the sea. Now the original earth that God created, was more land then there was sea. There weren’t the huge oceans that we have today there where seas, but not huge oceans that take up 75% of the earths surface today. It was more or land than there is now and it was all-inhabitable. Because what that water vapor canopy did was it would’ve created a uniform temperature around the world, that maybe fluctuated a little bit. It may have fluctuated a little bit up and down but it basically would have been the same. How do we know that’s even true? Is there any evidence? Yes. If you go to Alaska, you find in Alaska, underneath some of the ice, underneath the glaciers, some of the permafrost, they found evidence of tropical life that once existed there. If you go down to Antarctica, the core samples that they’ve taken out of the ice their breaking stuff out from the bottom, it’s all tropical. So they think the world at one time in the past was more tropical, more subtropical, than it is today. So it would have been a very inhabitable place. In Genesis chapter one verse 16 it says then God made the sun, and the moon, and the stars. Well, the interesting thing is that you study everything the Bible says about the moon, the moon as we have it today was not like we had it back then. In just a little bit I’ll tell you about that. Just think of it right now that at night, it wasn’t so dark, in the original world that God created. It was a lot better. Plus, people had a lot better eyesight. So things were not so dark and dim at night, as it seems to be now. We’ll see more about that in a minute. But then it says in chapter one verse 20 birds and all the sea creatures was gleaming with life. Verse 24 land creatures of every description and then finally in verse 26 God created man in his own image. In the Hebrew, it doesn’t just mean spiritual. It means we resemble, as God created us, we resemble him somewhat, we resemble him physically as well. So God created us in his own image. Which, by the way, don’t pass over it too past, one of the most tender views of God you will ever find is right here in Genesis, where God got down in the dirt on his knees with his hands, and the bible says he shaped man out of the ground. He took his hands and literally sculpted man out of the ground, and then God breathed down here like, just right down here out of face. Put his face on his face and His mouth on his mouth and kissed him, into life. God loves you. We see God is love right from the very beginning of this earth God is love. God could’ve just stood back there and said, “Adam, come to life” Boom, and it would have happened. But right from the very beginning God shows his tenderness. God shows his willingness to be intimately involved in our life, and he stooped right down there and brought his son lovingly to life. Just like I held each one of our children after they were born, hugged them to my chest. This is our child, and we love our children. So God shows the same tenderness.

Now, in Patriarchs and Prophets and I have some other books I want to refer to you. One of these days soon I want to talk to you about the ministry of Ellen White, and how Seventh Day Adventist view her. But I’m going to say right here, that we do not view Ellen White as the Bible. Amen? We do not view Ellen White as the Bible. She herself has said, she is not to be used that way. I never intend ever to do that. But I do quote from her as I quote for many other people and I believe that she has special messages that were given to people in these days that we’re benefited and blessed when we read them, and I read her writings often as I also read many other authors. But I will tell you my personal testimony is there are no books that can compare, with content and spirituality and power, as I find in those books that were written by Ellen White. In Patriarchs and Prophets there’s an interesting quote. “There were evident tokens of decay, in the earth, but the earth was still rich and beautiful in the gifts of God’s providence”, this is after sin. “The hills were crowned with majestic trees supporting the fruit-laden branches of the vine. The vast garden-like planes were clothed with border, and sweet with the fragrance of a thousand flowers. The fruits of the earth were in great variety, and almost without limit. The trees far surpassed in size, beauty and perfect proportion any now to be found. The wood was a fine grain and hard substance closely resembling stone, and hardly less enduring. Gold, silver and precious stones existed in abundance.” That’s a little glimpse in to what the world was like. Similar to what we just read, right here, in the Bible.

I want you to turn right now to Genesis two. What was life like there in the Garden of Eden? In the earth as God created it? Genesis two. It says now a river, went out of Eden to water the garden and from there it parted and became four riverheads. Did you know that underground watering systems are not anything new? God invented it in the first place. This is my personal opinion; I can’t prove it and this is not based on any science, okay? I might be proved wrong someday and I’ll say oops, I guess I was wrong. But until I’m proved wrong this is what I think. I think that the reminisce of that water system today are still seen today in the caverns found in many parts of the earth. Because God said he had this water system that was going around underneath the ground. And the Bible says that a mist came out every night and watered the earth and then retreated. Well, how would that happen? The same moon that causes the tides to even flow at the moon would go around the earth and pull that water out gently as God had first created it to and that the moon passed by it would retreat back inside just as God had created it to be. Underground watering system that God had established for the whole earth so there was this huge, subterranean water supply that existed underneath the ground that God had given to the earth.

It says here in Chapter 2 verse 10 that a river went out of Eden, so there was a stream. Anybody here ever been to the Matoleus River in Oregon? Anybody here? Whoa, not too many. Well if you get a chance, take 97 down the east side of Oregon, until you get to the area around Bend, and watch for signs that say Sisters, head west toward sisters, and when you get through Sisters, keep going on up toward the mountain, and you’ll finally make it to Matoleus. That’s a state park there, and the whole river boils right out of the ground, and flows right out toward the Columbia. The whole river just springs right out from the ground, its an amazing thing to see. So the Bible says, that in the Garden of Eden that this river just boiled right up and from there it says it flowed out. So what does that mean? Well that means that the Garden of Eden was higher than any place else nearby. Because the last time I checked water flows downhill, am I right? Now this is important later on as we take a look because the Bible speaks of the mountain of God. The Bible speaks of mount Zion; God has always chosen a mountain as his dwelling place. So the Garden of Eden was a huge beautiful mountain area, and parted into four parts as it left this high area.

So in Genesis Chapter 2 verses 15 it says that Adam was created to be in sync with nature he was intimately involved in nature. He knew the secrets of nature he tended nature. He was brilliant as he came from God’s hand and God himself was Adams teacher. As he dealt with the plants and the flowers he knew the secrets of each and how to help each one grow, and bear fruit, so he tended the vines. So God taught him what to do and he took care of the nature that God provided.

Then in verse 17, it says, “There was no death, there was no sickness there was no sadness, there was no pain”. No death, no sickness no sadness, no pain. It was an entirely different world. It was efficient, there was no wait, it was perfect. If you stubbed your toe on a rock the rock moved and your toe was fine. There was no problem of any of that kind of thing. You know, it was the perfect world there was no pain. You could jump off and do all kinds of wonderful things and that leads me to this next part. If you look at Genesis chapter one verse nine, it says “in the beginning, all the creatures were vegetarian.” There was no death.

The Bible says in Isaiah that the lion in the new earth is going to eat what? Anybody remember? What’s the lion going to eat, in the new earth, straw, like an ox. Gods going to turn it back to the way it was when God recreated everything new again; they’ll be no death. There’s not going to be any carnivores pouncing on herbivores and tearing them to shreds and eating their flesh. They’ll be no death, no sorrow, no crying it says in revelations. Neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things will all be forgotten.

Incidentally, I had a guy who took horticultural in Chile he was a Chilean. I gave him a Bible study that was really kind of funny because his wife couldn’t speak a word of English and I couldn’t speak a word of Spanish. So we were trying to do this. I wound up baptizing them, and they did know what they were doing, believe it or not. So we had this Bible study. At one point when we got to the part of the Bible where it talks about clean and unclean meats, God’s plan for health and all that in the Bible. He says, “Oh yeah, I know that from science.” I said, “You do?” He said, “In my horticultural class we were required to study the teeth of animals.” I said, “Tell me more”. And he said “Well, they showed us carnivores. And they showed us the teeth of herbivores”, and he said “I really got fascinated with that, it was consistent, herbivores always had these fangs that rip and tear and they always had these sharp teeth.” And he said “Herbivores always had incisors sometimes in the front like horses for biting but they always had these molars for grinding.” And he said, “huh”. So when he got home he looked in the mirror, you know “what kind of teeth do I have?” And he said, “Whoa, herbivore!” So he decided he was going to be an herbivore from then on, just strictly on the bases of teeth. So that’s what he decided to do when we studied the Bible, he says, “oh yeah, I can see what God did.” So in the beginning God created all of this, this fruit, this vegetation, and things have changed. Things are drastically changing, that’s the point we’re coming here to pretty soon, that you’re going to see very clearly. Things are not the way they use to be. Things have changed a lot in the world. There not anything like what they use to be. In Genesis chapter 6, if you notice this, not only was Adam was brilliant of intellect, no only could he see clearly, hear clearly, had every fiber and muscle in sync, perfect sync with each other. Energy, boundless energy, in fact many people think if you go back if you look at the life spans of people and energy of people, if you go back and measure it out. Some people had estimated that Adam had 20 times, the vital force or energy that people today have, at least, at minimum, twenty times. What would you do if you had twenty times the energy you got now? Whoa, boy I’m sure glad I wouldn’t have kids like that! Can you imagine some kid have ADD got twenty times of vital energy? Whoa! I don’t think they make a drug strong enough for that. But the Bible said that Adam back then had all of this energy and strength, and power. Not only this, but in Geneses 6 he was huge, he was tall, he was big. I’ve included on your notes a couple of websites that you might want to go check out. You see back in the mid to the late 1800’s it was common knowledge, back in the mid to the late 1800’s it was common knowledge that they had found remains of human beings who were giant in proportion. It was common knowledge it was reported in the papers, it was recorded in books. Kids studied it in school. I found it myself in some places I’ve read. It was common knowledge. People have found this giant remains of these humans who once lived, and they all knew they were Bible thinking people and predominantly in those days. There has always been a few scoffers, and a few people who were against the Bible, there’s always a few infidels, but by enlarge the people were Bible believers, and they said “oh yeah, those are the people from before the flood”. They knew it back then. But since that time a lot of this has been suppressed and hidden away, and probably gotten put away in some dark closet some place. That sounds like a conspiracy, but the fact is that people are not so Bible based in their thinking and they understand as they use to be and they interpreted it in a different worldview now. But it was common knowledge back then and on this web site that you can look up it would be a good thing to do on Sabbath. Go there to this place called The Return of the Nephilim. That word comes from Genesis 6 I was just referring to, verse 4. Where it says “there were giants in the earth in those dates”, some of yours say Nephilim. That’s a Hebrew word, Nephilim. Look it up and he has documented, he gives you footnotes. He tells you about the books and the magazines and a newspaper, where all of this was recorded, findings of giant human remains all over the world. It’s all right there for you to read and study and to take a look at. Very interesting. Well, Adam, was probably somewhere a little over twice as tall as men are today. Let’s just say six feet. Let’s just play around a little bit. Let’s say that six feet is the average height of a man today. Okay, because you’ve got some people that are over seven feet, and then you’ve got people that are four feet tall. So lets say that an average height is around six feet for a man. Well, if you, I’m almost exactly six feet tall. So if you take a person like me, if he’s more than twice as tall, lets say he’s 15 feet tall. Well you don’t take me and put me on top of me and say there you go. You have to add width, you have to add depth, and you have to have proportion. Adam was a huge guy. So actually, some bones were found in 1950’s in Turkey, and I have a friend who has some photos of that. And he drew it out. He is also a doctor, and his granddaughter is very good with anatomy, so he drew out the femur. And what’s this bone called? There you go that, bone, whatever you just said. Put it there, so you put it all together with the foot, drew it all out, and so if I’m standing out here, flat-footed, six foot tall. Adam if he was 15 feet tall, and I turned and looked like this his knee would be right here. I’d be looking at his knee with my eyes, okay? The tips of his fingers would just brush the top of my head at six feet tall. Adam was huge. And if you had a guy that big he would weigh approximately 2,000 pounds. When he would run, you could figure all this out by ratio, when he would run, he would have a running stride of 30 feet. Which means that he could run a hundred yard dash in about 30 seconds; and if you calculate that out in miles per hour that’s about 60 miles an hour. Which means that he could run with the giraffes, and run with the cheetahs, and run with all the animals that God had created. He was strong and he was able to play with them and have fun with them and if he had twenty times of vital force he could hold his breath for at least thirty minutes which means he could go down into the seas, he could swim, and have a good time in the oceans without any scuba gear. Enjoying and exploring all the things that God had made, and just like the other mammals, he would come up and breath every once in a while and go right back at it again. God created a wonderful creature when he created Adam and Eve and we are so far removed from what we once were. There were giants in the earth in most days and then if you notice there, go ahead and look there in Genesis chapter 6, verses 1 to 8. Very, very interesting segments of scripture there. Genesis chapter 6 verses 1 to 8. “Now it came to pass when man began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughter’s were born to them, that the sons of Gods saw the daughter’s of men that they were beautiful and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.” And the Lord said “My spirit shall not strive with man forever, for He is indeed flesh, yet his days shall be 120 years.” There were giants on the earth in those days and afterward when the sons of Gods came into the daughters of men and they bore children to them, those were the men of old, men of renown.”

Now, if we’re going to let scripture interpret scripture, who this? If we’re going to let scripture interpret scripture, and not impose our own ideas, then you have to say that the sons of God are the descendants of the godly line of Seth. These are people who are followers of God, because all the way through the Bible sons of God never, ever deviates from the interpretation who is someone who is devoted to God. That’s always a son of God. The Bible says “Behold, what manner of love is this, that we should be called the what?” Sons of God. All the way through the Bible Sons of God always refers to a person, who loves and follows God. So this has to be the Godly line of Seth. If you’re going to let the Bible interpret itself, then daughters of men have to be descendants of Kane or those who deviated from God and went away. Now I know that you’ll read in some commentaries, and you’ll some of you’re Bibles may even give you an idea that this is an angel, or some other supernatural human being, coming and having intimate relationships with a person and producing some kind of whatever. You know, some kind of being. Well, first of off not only is that not possible, secondly it’s not Biblical, and it certainly isn’t moral, and that God has said that sons of God is people who love him and daughters of men are people who follow the ways of men. So you’ve got an intermingling of the people of God with the people of the world. And you’ve got a watering down of things. As a result of this, you have people, who became renown, in the world’s way of thinking, people who had power in the world’s way of thinking and what was the result? The world went deeper and deeper into sin. There was less of the light of God being shown because of the lessening of standing for truth and right, on the part of Gods people. By the way, the same thing is happening again. Jesus said, “as it was in the days of Noah so it shall also be in the coming of man.” Do we lessening in the world today who profess to be followers of God? Do we see a lessening of the standards of the Bible among those people? I’m sad to say yes we do. Do we see an intermingling of beliefs, and philosophies and the ways of the world, with the ways of God? Yes, we do. The Bible and the book of revelation call it Babylon because it means confusion, or a mingling together of things that ought not to be mingled. That’s why the Bible speaks of the woman in Revelations 17 who makes all the world drink of the wine and the wrath of her fornication. Intermingling and brining together of things of men of things of God that ought not to be mixed. We see the same thing happen in the world today. Violets and corruption it says, “increased and the Lord saw the wickedness of man that was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was evil continually, and the Lord was sorry he made man on the earth, and was grieved in his heart so the Lord said “I will destroy man whom I had created from the face of the earth, both man and beast creeping thing, and bruise the air for I am sorry that I have made them.” But Noah found grace, in the eyes of the Lord. So if you look at your notes, here’s a quote there that’s worth noting. “God bestowed upon these bountiful many and rich gifts. But he used these bounties to glorify themselves, and turned them into a curse, by fixing there affections on the gifts instead of the giver. They employed the gold and silver, and the precious stones and the choice wood, in the construction of habitations for themselves, and endeavored to excel one another’s dwellings with the most skillful workmanship, they sought only to gratify the desires of their own proud hearts and reveled in scenes of pleasuring wickedness. Not desiring to retain in there knowledge they soon came to deny his existence. They adorned nature in place of the God of nature, they glorified human genius, worshipped the works of their own hands and taught their children to bow down to graven images.” Oh but sudden change is coming.

If you turn to Genesis 7 verse 11, the Bible said “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord, and preached the message for 120 years, he warned the people of coming destruction.” In Genesis chapter 7 verse 11 “in the six-hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep are broken up and the windows of heaven were open.” God said “A great flood was coming.” Well, here’s what happened, okay? I’m going to give it to you, you’re going to have to check it out the rest of your life but here it is.

I told you the moon is not like it was, what it use to be, if you find an atlas of the moon, and you look at it. And by the way I got this from a Seventh Day Adventist chemist, who has spent twenty years studying this subject. His name was Tim McFarland Sr., and his son Tim McFarland Jr. became an editor of the Signs of the Times. So as I sat there looking at all his material, it was overwhelming, as he had studied this out in a scripture, also in the writings of Ellen White, and also in scientific writings, here’s what he proposed, and I think that he was right. But you’ll have to decide for yourself. The moon as God first created it was covered with water. Completely, covered with water. Which means that it’s reflective brilliance would be seven times greater that what it is now. Which is exactly what Isaiah the prophet said it would be restored to when Jesus comes and redoes the earth again. He figured all that scientifically using the ratios, and the mathematic equations, and he showed it to me, it made sense, it fits right there with what Isaiah said. What that means is that when the sun went down this beautiful blue jewel came out at night, it was contrasted against this deep, black, blue sky. A brilliant jewel shining up there at night and the reflected quality of the moon with the sun shining on it would have shed light over this earth over at night which would have made night much less gloomy, and much more enjoyable all through the day and night. So you have this whole new world every twelve hours, you have this whole new world. Since Adam and Eve never got tired, never slept, there was plenty of things to enjoy at night as well as to enjoy during the day. So God created this beautiful jewel, up in the heavens. Well when it came time for the flood, the Bible says that the great fountains of the deep were broken up that means there was a lot of seismic activity, you’ve got the crust of the earth falling apart. You’ve got earthquakes; you’ve got volcanoes taking place. You’ve got magma coming up, just spouting up and you know, and giant rocks, the Bible says being thrown up into the sky, you know, thrusting up, great jets of water bursting from the earth. How would that happen? Well if God, caused the moon, and this was his hypothesis, if God caused the moon to come a little closer to the earth, so that the greater mass of the earth sucked all the water off of the moon, but in the lesser mass of the moon broke up the crust of the earth as it passed by, you would have a dual action thing happen. You would have the crust of the earth breaking up subterranean cavities of water thrusting up with giant cataracts into the sky, and these huge mighty showers of water streaming down moon onto the earth. You say now does that make any sense? Okay, try this out. When you go home, if you can find on the Internet, or if you can find on any of your books find a picture of the moon an atlas of the moon, take a look at it. The guy is right. You will never find a big crater, and its rim, overlapping the rim of a little crater. You will never see a big crater overlapping the rim of a little crater. You will always see little craters overlapping bigger craters. You say “why is that important?” Well, because if you take a mud pie, get it real soupy mud, and you put it on the table and then put a big bell jar that has the bottom cut out, and you put that bell jar over the top of that mud pie, you seal it off, and you put a cork at the top with a tube running to a vacuum pump. Then you turn on the vacuum pump, water boils in the vacuum, and water doesn’t just boil in heat, water boils in vacuums. If you suck all the air out the water boils; and what happens when the water is all sucked out and leaves in the vacuum? It does the same thing that it would do if you heat it. It would go blup, blup, blup, like this, and as it dried it leaves little craters, where the bubbles burst. It looks just like the surface of the moon. Then as the water keeps coming out it leaves smaller and smaller craters and they overlap the ones of the bigger craters right there in that mud pie. That’s just his hypothesis, can I prove it, no. I told you it’s an idea. If your going to spend the rest of your life wondering if it’s true. But it does help to explain some things because you almost don’t see any craters at all on the backside of the moon. Almost all of the crater are on the front side of the moon; the majority of the craters, two thirds, three fourths. So the craters are on the side of the moon that faces us, almost none on the backside. Which makes no sense if it was volcanism or if it was meteorites that hit the moon. And besides, if it was meteorites why was it big ones that hit the moon first without any little ones? How come it wasn’t random? How come it was big ones and then little ones? You see, it doesn’t make any sense. But when you look at it in the light of what the Bible says it makes a lot of sense. There were forty days in Genesis 7 verses 17-20 there were forty days of global disaster. Just imagine, you know people say “how could a world wide flood, how could that happen?” Well if it happened the way that I just described to you there was plenty of water and then if the result of the seismic activity you’ve got uplifts, you’ve got the ground sinking, you’ve got all this taking place and this happened for forty days. I mean how many of us would want to go through one day, of an earthquake, how many of us would like to go through one day of a huge flood? This is forty days and it’s global. Going all over the earth, then it lasted, when the water was finally over all the tops of the mountains, it lasted for over a year. So you have all of this water soaking into all that ground, and changing things all around. I was sitting on a plan with a guy, coming back to Portland, and he was an ecologist. He teaches out in Portland State University. I was sitting with him we got to talking of course I was praying how could I tell him something about the Lord, I wasn’t even open to that because I always want to tell people about Jesus. So as we were sitting there we were talking about science and since I kind of like science a lot we got into some things and so I finally thought of something. We got to talking about fossil fuel, and about the ecology. I said, “Let me ask you a question, how many fossil fuels are left in the world, at the present rate?” He said “Well coal, oil, gas, at the present rate 300 years.” He said “300 years without discovering any new resources present rate 300 years.” He said, “But he said our estimate is more like 150 years.” I said “why?” He said “Because the third world countries are industrializing, and they are using more and more resources all the time, so those of us in the business estimate that we’ve got about 150 years of fossil fuel left.” I said, “Whoa that’s amazing.” I said, “I want to ask you a question, have you ever wondered why it’s always pulled in a few places?” He said, “What do you mean?” I said “Well you know the coal beds, they’re all, they’re all just in a few places, you don’t just find these coal scenes just everywhere in the world they’re all in a few places.” “Yeah”, he said “that’s true.” And I said, “You know you’ve got these reserves of oil, they’re all kind of pulled together in spots right?” He said “yeah.” “And the gas, the same thing” He said “Yeah.” I said “The gas is the same thing, they’re all kind of pulled you don’t just find them uniform all throughout the whole earth, right? Well how is it that all those animals and all that vegetative material, and all that, how’d it all get pulled in one spot, so they got compressed, to make coal scenes and oil and gas.” I said, “How’d that happen?” And he looked at me and he said, “I never thought of that before, I don’t have any idea.” And I’m not so smart; I’m not so smart. How did I think of that? Because the Bible says there was a flood, and what does water do, it does the same thing as Mount Saint Helen’s. All that water and all that steam, and all that vegetative material mixed all together, water always pulls stuff together. In fact, on the way home today, when I go home to eat lunch, out at Suncrest, I’m going to past a damn at Nine Mile Falls, and there’s a place, where a whole bunch of stuff it pulled together. Water always does that. If you go to the ocean, same thing, it always pulls things together, they get tumbled on top of each other and if it lasts long enough if its hard enough, and you’ve got these big layers of things being compressed under mud and all this stuff. It makes total sense as you look at the world around us today. There’s no scientific evidence for the flood, and there’s no scientific evidence for the creation, I say that is not so. There is lot’s of evidence that can be interpreted easily to fit the creation model.

It goes on to say, that in Genesis 8 that it was a whole year that this took place, and that’s why when you turn to second Peter, chapter 3 and I can’t believe it we actually made it though this. I told my wife on the way I said “I don’t know” I said, “I think I might have to quite part way through” I said “I don’t think I’m going to make it.” But it looks like we are.

If you go to second Peter, chapter 3, verses 3-6 notice this. “Knowing this first that scoffers will come in the last days walking according to their own lust to believing in evolution.” That’s what it says. Yeah, you, it’s what it says. You say “wait a minute I don’t see the word evolution there.” Well you don’t see the word evolution but it says what do these scoffers say? It says “where are the promise of His coming since the Father fell asleep all things what?” “Continue as they have from the beginning.” That is the basis of evolution. That what we see now it the way it has always been. Universal, I’m going to mess it up. There’s a word for it, that’s not it I had it on the tip of my tongue, and I’m not going to say it. Some of you guys are involved in “What’s the Word?” I can’t think of it right now, but I’ll just say it in layman’s term. The idea that everything continues as it always had at steady, predictable rates. That’s the basis of evolution. And if you could go back, and look at the half-life of things and see things always continue as they have but then Peter addresses that very same thing. He says this “For this, they willfully forget, by the word of God the heavens will evolve and the earth standing out of water and in the water by which the world had then existed had perished.”

Things that we have today are not the way things were in the past. You see every dating method; I don’t care if it’s potassium, Oregon. Whether it is Carbon dating, or whether it is the Old Method, that they use in the past, the Carbon 14. It doesn’t make any difference what dating method you talk about they are all based, every single one of them is based on the assumption that what we have now, is what it has always been. That the rates that that things take place now is at the rate that has always taken place in the past. The Bible says that what we have now is not he way it use to be back then. Things have changed drastically. When we get to evolution, I’ll give you some more evidence and some more detail about it. But right now, lets just settle this one issue that Atlantis, really did exist. It was called the world before the flood, the anti-diluvium world. In the collective consciousness of humanity, you have many oral stories and sometimes written down about many of the civilizations refer back to a time, where there was a great civilization destroyed by a global catastrophe. The guild mish epic, the traditions of the North American Indian, the Chinese Oracles, all of these, the East Indian writings they all refer back to a great civilization in previous times. They refer to them by different names, and talk about them in different terms, but the basic storyline does not change. There was once a great civilization that became corrupt and was destroyed, in a global catastrophe.

Friends, every myth has an element of truth. The myth of Atlantis has a very important element of truth, and what is that? That God created a beautiful world, with beautiful people with amazing powers and a wonderful capability. But they became corrupt through sin, separated themselves from God, and were destroyed.

Turn back to Genesis 6 verse 8, for our last verse. In Genesis 6 verse 8, this wonderful message is what I want you to think about as you leave today. That Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. We are rapidly approaching the same condition of things in this earth that existed at a time when the flood came, at the time of Noah. Jesus said it would be that way. And you say “Well how would it be possible for people to be saved?” Well, think about the arc. The ark was very simple, it was very, very simple. All they had to do was walk up the steps, into the ark and they were saved. Were they perfect? No. Did they maybe have some questions if they would would’ve walked up that? No, they probably would have had questions. Would they have stopped singing when they walked up that? Probably not, I mean it’s unrealistic to think, we know Noah didn’t quit singing. He sang after the flood, so did his sons. What is it that makes it possible for a person to be saved? Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. It’s not how perfect you are that counts with God it’s how willing you are. Everyone who would have been willing could have been saved. It’s the same thing today; plenty of evidence to support the truth. Will you today, walk up the plank of truth to the ark of God’s grace? If you are, if you’re willing to, you shall be saved. What keeps you from making that decision? We’re about to face a global, the Bible says we’re going to be facing another global disaster. It’s going to come on everybody in the whole world everywhere. Are you ready for that day? If you want to be ready for that day all you need to do is the same thing they did before the flood. Receive the message of God. Accept Jesus as your savior and your Lord, and you shall be saved. Let’s stand for prayer. Into my heart, in to my heart, come into my heart, Lord Jesus. Come in today, come in to stay, come into my heart, Lord Jesus. Dear Father, we don’t believe in gods, we don’t believe in myths, and we don’t believe there’s some place that we’re going to find underneath the water that’s going to somehow make the world a better place. What we do believe is that there is The God. That he has already promised to make the world a better place, if we only receive you by faith, and accept your plan, for our lives. Oh Lord Jesus, today in the midst of all the interest in the supernatural, and interest in the myths of the past, today Lord with all the mystery people embrace, and are fascinated by, we praise God for the truth of your word. We pray that you will help us to always understand the times in which we live through the light that the Bible sheds on our world. Oh Lord, forgive ours sins, please forgive all our sins; please send your spirit out to help us, and we pray that you will please write our names in the book of life, in heaven, and that when Jesus comes we will be saved. If that’s your desire to have your sins forgiven and have your name in the book of life would you just raise your hand with mine? Lord we raise our hands; we want to be ready, when Jesus comes. First pleasures grow dim while I’m waiting for him. Lord keep me till Jesus comes. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.
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