Professor: Teedy Chocos

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Professor: Teedy Chocos

09.25, 2015

American Values

America is a western culture, and has been get influence by European cultures. The United States was founded in 1776. Nowadays, America became an ethnic diversity big country where have people immigrant countries around the world. However, American has many own values different from else country. American Values, it has been said, means different things to different people, but with the same major goal. Such as humanitarianism, freedom, material comfort and so on. Furthermore, I want to talk about democracy and equality.

First of all, what is democracy? American political system is decision by citizens who can elect people to represent them. The release of the declaration of Independence, gave Americans more quality and freedom. Compared with other countries, American citizens have more power. They can follow they heart to do what is legal. In Datesman’s book called The American Ways, she was talk:” Americans means the desire and the ability of all individuals to control their own destiny without outside interference from the government, a ruling noble class, the church, or any other organized authority. (Old book Page 23, third paragraph) It means every individual can decide their own destiny; they don’t need to obey the nobleness and aristocracy. They can trust the religion whatever they want. They don’t need to be limited by organized authority. Obviously, if country want to unity, it is essential that democracy. From my point of view, I agree with American values that democracy. America is equal country. They government can accept the opinions of the citizens. For example, the presidential election. The president is elected by the national people’s vote according to their own ideas. There is no doubt that development of democratic politics in the United States had made big role.
Furthermore, the second important reason why America became a huge country is equality. Equality of opportunity and competition is American value. Everyone has a chance to succeed because they are free control. In Datesman’s book called The American Ways, she was talk:“ For them, equality means that everyone should have an equal chance to enter the race and win. In other words, equality of opportunity may be thought of as an ethical rule.” (Old book Page 25, fourth paragraph) Americans uphold the ideal that everyone "is created equal" and has the same rights. Although we both in different family, we come from different country, we have different gender and race. As long as they work hard, people who like to compete. They have a chance to succeed in American. In my opinion, competition is good for people because if there is no competition in the world, most people don’t everything well. Most people work hard because of competition. Undeniably, Our future is in our own hands. American has equality chance to succeed for person who has brave to accept competition. Nowadays, most of immigrants choose come to America to finish they dream. They believe American equality of opportunity can give they more chance. Simultaneously, I came to the America to study; because of I know America has equality for everybody. Equality is a fair way to success.
Taking these factors into consideration, we naturally come to the conclusion that why America can become a power country in the world. The American values need to another country to learn about it. I sincerely believe that if the country can have democracy and equality quality, this country could be a power.

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