Request for information section 20 inquiry information requested under the Special Import Measures Act

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Information requested under the

Special Import Measures Act

with respect to Canada’s dumping re-investigation of



PERIOD OF The period of analysis for purposes of determining whether the conditions

ANALYSIS set out in section 20 of Canada’s Special Import Measures Act prevail in the Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) industry sector in Vietnam is from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015.
DUE DATE FOR Your complete response to this Request for Information must be received

RESPONSE by the Canada Border Services Agency in Ottawa, Canada, by

June 10, 2015.
RETURN YOUR Canada Border Services Agency

RESPONSE TO Trade and Anti-dumping Programs Directorate

11th Floor, 100 Metcalfe Street

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

K1A 0L8
Telefax: 613-948-4844

FOR FURTHER Please contact:

INFORMATION Patrick Mulligan 613-952-6720

Barbara Chouinard 613-954-7399

Any information provided by your company is deemed to be public information and will be made available to interested parties upon request unless the information has been clearly marked confidential. Please note carefully Item 8 of the General Guidelines and Part D in order to protect the confidentiality of your information.


1. Purpose

This Request for Information (RFI) is intended to elicit the information required for the President of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to form an opinion as to whether, with respect to the oil country tubular goods (OCTG) industry sector in Vietnam, domestic prices are substantially determined by the government of Vietnam (GOV) and there is sufficient reason to believe that they are not substantially the same as they would be if they were determined in a competitive market. These conditions are set out in section 20 of Canada’s Special Import Measures Act (SIMA). According to subsection 17.2(1) of the Special Import Measures Regulations, the customs territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a prescribed country.

The purpose of this RFI is to provide producers and exporters of the subject goods in Vietnam the opportunity to submit evidence that the OCTG sector is not operating under section 20 conditions. In examining the matter the CBSA will also send a questionnaire to the GOV and will continue to examine information available from third-party sources. Should you respond to this RFI, it may be necessary for the CBSA to request additional information following receipt and review of your response.
Should the CBSA’s research, together with evidence provided by the GOV and producers and exporters, lead to the opinion by the President of the CBSA that the OCTG sector in Vietnam operates under competitive market conditions, normal values may be determined on the basis of domestic selling prices in accordance with section 15 of SIMA or on the basis of the total cost of the goods plus an amount for profit in accordance with paragraph 19(b) of SIMA. However, if the re-investigation leads to the opinion by the President of the CBSA that the OCTG sector in Vietnam is operating under conditions described in section 20 of SIMA, normal values will be determined on the basis of information provided by producers in a surrogate country designated by the President, where available.

2. Clarification of Information

Should you require clarification of a question, please contact one of the officers identified on the cover page of this RFI.

3. Overview of the RFI
There are three main parts to this RFI:
PART A - Requests information concerning the GOV’s policies and measures with respect to the steel industry, including the OCTG sector.
PART B - Requests information concerning your company and its operations.
PART C - Requests information concerning your company and the OCTG sector.

4. Specific Response

Replies to this RFI should be as specific as possible and clearly reflect the existing situation during the period of analysis. While the information requested is extensive, it is in your interest to submit a complete and detailed response to each question. Where a question does not apply to your company, an appropriate explanation should be given and cross-referenced to the specific question.

5. Future Action

It is normal practice for CBSA officers to visit exporters in order to verify the information submitted. In this case, the CBSA may review and verify both the exporter and government responses to the respective RFIs. Normally, a complete response from both the exporters and the government will be required prior to any verification visits to your country.

The CBSA does not normally undertake a verification visit in instances where an incomplete response to an RFI is received.
If the CBSA is satisfied that the conditions in section 20 of SIMA do not apply to the OCTG sector in your country but the information provided by producers/exporters is otherwise incomplete or they do not permit adequate verification of information submitted, consideration will be given to establishing normal values in accordance with a Ministerial Specification.

6. Source Documents

Source documents and working papers used to prepare replies to this RFI should be kept available for examination. Copies of certain documents, as selected by the investigating officers, may be required. During any verification visit by the CBSA personnel, company officials who have knowledge of the source documentation and the information contained therein should be made available.

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