Round 1 13 Colonies Map: Points Round 6 The Starving Time: Points

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Round 1 - 13 Colonies Map: Points Round 6 - The Starving Time: Points

  1. ___________________________ _______ 1. ________________________ _ _______

  2. ___________________________ _______ 2. _________________________ _______

  3. ___________________________ _______ 3. _________________________ _______

Round 2 - 13 Colonies Map: Round 7 - New England, Middle, Southern Regions:

  1. ___________________________ _______ 1. ________________________ __ _______

  2. ___________________________ _______ 2. __________________________ _______

  3. ___________________________ _______ 3. __________________________ _______

Round 3 - Key Terms: Round 8 - The North Carolina Colony:

  1. ___________________________ _______ 1. ___________________________ ______

  2. ___________________________ _______ 2. ___________________________ ______

  3. ___________________________ _______

Round 4 - Jamestown, Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay: Round 9 - Bonus Questions:

  1. ___________________________ _______ 1. ____________________________ ______

  1. ___________________________ _______ 2. ____________________________ ______

  2. ___________________________ _______ 3. ____________________________ ______

  3. ___________________________ (Bonus 5 pts.)

Round 5 - Key Terms:

1. ___________________________ _ _______

2.____________________________ _______

3.____________________________ _______

Rules for Trivia:

  • For topics with three questions, students may assign points to each answer. Points assigned are 1, 2, and 3.

  • For topics with two questions, points assigned may be 1 and 2. All bonus questions are worth 5 points.

  • Students should cut out each section as it is completed. They should be sure to write their team name on the back of each slip before it is turned in to be tallied.

  • Multi-part answers must be completely correct in order to receive any points for the answer.

Trivia Questions:

13 Colonies Map

  1. Which of the 13 original colonies is the most northern colony? Massachusetts

  2. Which 5 colonies are in the Southern Colonial Region? Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland

  3. Which colony is geographically located between Virginia and Pennsylvania? Maryland

13 Colonies Map

  1. Which 4 colonies are in the Middle Colonial Region? New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware

  2. Which colony is geographically located east of Connecticut? Rhode Island

  3. Which 4 colonies are in the New England Colonial Region? Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut

Key Term

  1. What is the document called that was created by the Pilgrims and allowed for self-government and a lawmaking body of elected officials? The Mayflower Compact

  1. A _________ is a contract granted by the king to individuals or groups who were to be in charge of settlements and then govern the settlers. Charter

  1. What is the person that signs a contract to work for a set number of years in exchange for ocean passage to the colonies called? indentured servant

Jamestown, Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay

  1. Which group of settlers landed in Massachusetts Bay and had extremely rigid rules for society, including a lack of religious tolerance for others? Puritans

  2. What was the reason for settling Jamestown? To get wealthy

  3. Who was the Native American who helped the Pilgrims or Plymouth plant crops, resulting in the first Thanksgiving? Squanto

  1. What was the name of the specific religion that both Separatists and Puritans were trying to break away from/change? Church of England (Anglican Church)

Key Term

  1. I am a person who takes an especially long journey for religious reasons, who am I? Pilgrim

  1. This term means to mistreat due to one's religion, race, or political beliefs? persecute

  1. Someone who wanted to separate from the official Church of England was known as a what? separatist

The Starving Time

  1. At the end of “The Starving Time”, the population of Jamestown had dropped from about 500 to about _____ people. 60

  2. What plant saved Jamestown and ensured its long-term success? Tobacco

  3. Who did John Smith blame “The Starving Time” on? The colonists (or themselves)

New England, Middle, and Southern Regions

  1. What was the nickname of the Middle Colonies that highlights its importance for growing wheat? America’s Bread Basket

  2. Name any two major industries of the New England colonies? Fishing, Shipbuilding, Whaling, Lumber

  3. What were two crops that could only be grown in a hot, humid climate that made the southern colonies especially profitable? Tobacco, Rice, (Sugar Cane?), cotton, indigo

The North Carolina Colony

        1. From what natural resource is tar made? Pine trees

        2. Name two uses for tar during the Colonial Period. Tar and feather punishment, to seal ships, and to stop bleeding, hair gel, sterilization…

Bonus Questions (5 pts. Each)

  1. Why did Captain John Smith have to leave the Jamestown Colony and return to England? His leg was injured in an explosion

  2. What country was England often at war with during the Colonial Era? Spain

  3. Which colonial region had the most large cities located near sea ports where large ships would come and go? The New England region

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