Solar System Formation Web Quest. Directions

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Solar System Research
A. Please download the app called Gizmo for the app store. You will not need it today, but you should be ready to use it tomorrow.
B. Complete the Solar System Formation Web Quest.

Directions: Use the websites provided to learn about the beginning of the universe (Big Bang Theory) and the formation of our solar system.

The Big Bang Theory
1) Cosmology is the study of ________________________________________.
2) What is The Big Bang Theory? And don’t say “A TV show on CBS.”?


3) The Big Bang happened about ________________________ years ago.
4) _______________, _________________, and ________________ all began with the Big Bang.
5) What happened following the Big Bang to allow protons and neutrons to come together to form atoms and eventually atoms to come together to form different elements? __________________________________________________________________________________
6) The first evidence for the Big Bang Theory was when Edwin Hubble in __________ discovered that everything in the universe is ______________________________________________.
7) There are 4 main pieces of evidence that support The Big Bang Theory:

a) Evidence that the universe is ____________________________.

b) ______________ __________________ _________________ radiation from the “first light” that was released once the universe reached _____________________ years old.

c) The amount of different ___________________ in the universe is almost exactly as what The Big Bang predicts.

d) Finally, the Big Bang Theory is the only explanation that explains why our universe looks the way it does today!
The Formation of the Solar System
8) Our Solar System formed about _____________________ years ago.
9) Stars and planets form in a huge cloud of dust and gas called a ______________________.
10) The dust and gas that formed our Solar System may have come from a _________________, or exploding star.
11) Use the following websites to diagram the steps that led to the formation of the Solar System.
Formation of the Sun (star):
Formation of planets:
C. EXPLAIN why Earth is habitable. Your answer must include information about

atmosphere, water, temperature, energy, and nutrients.

**Once you have completed all of the work above, please make sure you name is on your paper and turn your work into Mrs. Moore.**

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