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The Code Book Quiz (June 2, 2004)
1) Mary Queen of Scots was executed by this cousin of hers:
a) King George III b) Mary Magdalene c) Queen Elizabeth d) Catherine the Great

e) none of the above

2) The Caesar cipher was a shift cipher with a particular shift. What was that shift?
a) 1 b) 3 c) 5 d) 7 e) none of the above
3) According to The Code Book who is responsible for first cryptanalyzing the substitution cipher?
a) Arabs b) Europeans c) North Americans d) Russians

e) none of the above

4) Which of the following letters is the second most frequent in the English language?
a) t b) h c) e d) u e) m
5) Which of the following is the study of hidden messages?
a) cryptography b) transposition c) cipher d) steganography

e) none of the above

6) The term "Le Chiffre Indechiffrable" refers to which cipher system?
a) Substitution b) Vigenere c) Hill d) Playfair

e) none of the above

7) The Vigenere cipher is which of the following types:
a) monoalphabetic b) polyalphabetic c) none of the above
8) In chapter two, an example of a homophonic substitution cipher is given. In this example, all 100 two digit numbers (00 through 99) are ciphertexts for a single letter. Why do 12 of these possibilities map to the letter 'e' in this example?
a) random choice b) these choices were leftover after assigning other letters

c) to deal with the times where consecutive e's appear

d) e occurs about 12% of the time e) none of the above
9) The encrypted letters of Louis XIV, when finally decrypted, may have shed light upon which of the following?
a) The identity of the Man in the Iron Mask b) The Tennis Court Oath

c) The Battle of Hastings d) The Beale Cipher e) none of the above

10) The second Beale cipher is an example of what type of cipher?
a) public key b) book cipher c) machine cipher

d) monoalphabetic e) none of the above

11) What did Marconi invent?
a) the microwave b) the radio c) public key encryption d) television

e) none of the above

12) The ADFGVX cipher was used by Germany in what war?
a) Franco-Prussian War b) World War I c) World War II

d) Vietnam War e) None of the above

13) Why did the United States go about revealing their knowledge of the Zimmerman telegraph is a round about way?
a) Because they didn't realize an easier way to get the contents of the telegraph message.

b) So that the Germans did not know that their encryption had been broken.

c) Because Mexico would do anything the United States asked of them where as other countries were less cooperative.

d) The radio waves were too weak.

e) none of the above
14) Which of the following is a problem with the one-time pad?
a) Difficulty of generating numerous random keys

b) The distribution of all the random keys

c) The difficulty of synchronizing the use of all the random keys in decipherment

d) All of the above

e) None of the above
15) If the Enigma contained three scramblers for an alphabet of size 10, how many possible cipher alphabets would there be?
a) 10 b) 100 c) 1000 d) 1010 e) none of the above

16) Which of the following is NOT a part of the Enigma?
a) lampboard b) plugboard c) scrambler d) reflector e) none of the above
17) Who invented the Enigma?
a) Steven Jobs b) Arthur Scherbius c) Ronald Rivest

d) Adolf Hitler e) none of the above

18) Which country's cryptanalysts worked in "Room 40"?
a) Poland b) Germany c) France d) Britain e) none of the above
19) Which country was Marian Rejewski, who initially cryptanalyzed the Enigma, from?
a) Poland b) Germany c) France d) Britain e) none of the above
20) Why is Hans-Thilo Schmidt important to the efforts of cryptanalzying the Enigma?
a) He's not. b) He gave the blueprints of the Enigma to a French secret agent.

c) He introduced a feature to the Enigma that made it easier to break.

d) He always used the same key when encrypting messages with the Enigma.

e) none of the above

21) What was enciphered twice at the beginning of every Enigma message?
a) the weather b) the date c) the message key

d) the whole message itself e) none of the above

22) How did Rejewski "ignore" the effect of the plugboard in his initial cryptanalysis efforts of the Enigma?
a) By checking the lengths of the "chains" of encryption

b) By only cryptanalyzing half of each message

c) Using frequency analysis

d) By not worrying about the final ciphertext

e) none of the above
23) What machines, designed by Rejewski automated the process of deciphering Enigma messages?
a) bombes b) computer c) slots d) breakers

e) none of the above

24) To whom did the Polish give their information about breaking the Enigma to in 1939?
a) Americans b) Italians c) Japanese d) Spanish

e) none of the above

25) What was the newly formed codebreaking organization that took over Room 40?
a) NSA b) CIA c) Bletchley Park d) Cipher Bureau

e) none of the above

26) What British mathematician was instrumental in breaking the Enigma during World War II?
a) Leonard Euler b) Alan Turing c) David Hilbert d) Leonard Adleman

e) none of the above

27) What word typically appeared in a German message every day during World War II around 6 am?
a) Hello b) Weather c) War d) Gun e) none of the above
28) What language did the United States use as the basis for one of their codes during World War II?
a) Japanese b) Chinese c) Mongolian d) Navajo e) none of the above
29) Was the use of a codebook necessary for the Navajos during World War II?
a) Yes b) No
30) Which of the following was a weakness of the Navajo code during World War II?
a) It was similar to other Native American languages.

b) There were too many codewords to memorize.

c) The Navajos often times deserted their fellow troops.

d) The decryption process was very slow.

e) none of the above
31) Why did the Rosetta stone help decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics?
a) Because it revealed the same document in three different scripts.

b) Because it is old.

c) Because it contained a code for each hieroglyph on the back.

d) Because it is heavy.

e) none of the above

32) What is the language of the Linear B script?
a) English b) Greek c) Sanscrit d) Hindi e) none of the above
33) What was the first programmable cryptanalysis machine?
a) Colossus b) IBM c) bombe d) TRS 80 e) none of the above
34) What company did Horst Feistel work for while developing Lucifer?
a) Apple b) Microsoft c) Intel d) Dell

e) none of the above

35) What does the Diffie-Hellman exchange allow distant users to do?
a) verify their identity b) exchange a secret key c) exchange a message

d) send fake messages to Eve e) none of the above

36) What nationality are the first inventors of RSA encryption?
a) American b) British c) German d) Japanese e) none of the above
37) Which of the following would render RSA insecure
a) a better understanding of frequency analysis

b) a method to exponentiate prime numbers faster

c) a method to factor large integers quickly

d) a method to solve the equation x2  y (mod n) quickly for x, when y and n are known

e) none of the above
38) What is the problem with Alice sending Bob a message by using her private key to encrypt it while Bob uses Alice's public key to decrypt it.
a) Bob will not receive the proper message.

b) The process would be too time-consuming.

c) It could compromise the value of Alice's private key.

d) Anyone could read the message intended for Bob.

e) none of the above
39) Approximately how long did Clifford Cocks take to come up with a public key encryption system?
a) 30 minutes b) two weeks c) six months

d) one year e) none of the above

40) Why did GCHQ not attempt to patent public key cryptography?
a) There was already a patent out there by the time they discovered it.

b) Getting a patent was incompatible with their aims.

c) They didn't have any lawyers working for them at the time.

d) The actual inventors at GCHQ were completely against the idea.

e) none of the above
41) Who is the creator of Pretty Good Privacy?
a) Phil Zimmerman b) George Bush c) Al Gore d) Martin Hellman

e) none of the above

42) A message encrypted using PGP is primary encrypted using what encryption scheme?
a) RSA b) DES c) IDEA d) AES e) none of the above
43) What useful purpose does it serve for Alice to send part of a message to Bob encrypted with her private key?
a) none b) proves to Bob that Alice wrote the message

c) it speeds up the decryption process d) makes long messages easier to read

e) none of the above
44) What is the basic idea behind a key escrow?
a) A copy of the user's private key is given to a group of independent organizations in pieces.

b) The user must create two sets of public and private keys.

c) It generates keys for everyone to use.

d) It scares away people attempting to steal someone else's private key.

e) none of the above
45) Was Phil Zimmerman ever convicted of exporting weapons for his involvement with PGP?
a) yes b) no
46) There are two separate explanations for the single photon light experiment. Which of the following choices is one of those two explanations?
a) light is a wave b) many-worlds interpretation c) classical mechanics

d) light moves more slowly when shot out as single photons e) none of the above

47) Which of the following are real-world examples that we live in a quantum world?
a) nuclear reactions in power stations b) how CDs are read

c) how the sun shines d) all of the above

e) none of the above
48) What would be the advantage of a quantum computer, if it could be built?
a) It could carry out many parallel computations. b) It would be cheap.

c) It would be self-powered. d) It would need no software.

e) none of the above
49) What German physicist is known for his "uncertainty principle"?
a) Einstein b) Bose c) Young d) Bohr e) none of the above
50) What difficulty does an intruder face in intercepting information in the quantum cryptography scheme presented in The Code Book?
a) Being found out by the two people communicating, since the intruder could change the information being transmitted without knowing it.

b) Reconstructing the actual message once he/she has the key.

c) The intruder still can't factor the number being sent over the line.

d) There are no difficulties, the reason quantum cryptography isn't used is because it isn't secure.

e) none of the above

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