World History Modern Europe: Absolutism to Revolution Absolute Rulers of Russia

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World History

Modern Europe: Absolutism to Revolution

Absolute Rulers of Russia
Read pages 608 - 611 and answer the following questions

1. When did Russia gain its independence from Mongol rule? Who led Russia to its independence?

2. How old was Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) when he came to the throne in 1533? Who tried to control him because of his age? What did he do when he was 16 years old? What title did he take?

3. What did Ivan accomplish during his “good period” from 1547 to 1560? What began his “bad period”? What did he do thereafter? What did he do in 1581? How did this affect the next several years?

4. Who was chosen Czar in 1613? What dynasty did he establish? How long did it last?

5. What ruler came to the throne in 1696? Why did he gain the title “the Great”?

6. At the time Peter came to power, what factors existed that made it different from Western Europe?

7. What was the major goal of Peter the Great? How did he learn about western customs? How did he feel about what he experienced and saw?

8. What did Peter want to do to Russia following his mission to Western Europe? What were some of the ways he attempted to accomplish this "westernization"?

9. Why did Peter want a warm water seaport? Where did he succeed in getting this port? What did he name it? What difficulties did he encounter building the port city?

10. When St. Petersburg was finished in 1712 what did it become? What did he make the nobles do?

11. In what shape did Peter leave Russia at the time of his death in 1725?

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