Wwi the Finale Woodrow Wilson and Some Democrats

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WWI The Finale

Woodrow Wilson and Some Democrats

Reservationists & Henry Cabot Lodge


  • Wants to approve Treaty of Versailles

  • Want US to join the League of Nations

  • Back to War Aims=US make world safe for democracy –war to end all wars

  • Wilson’s stubborn—refuses to AMEND the Treaty

  • Takes his case to the American people, suffers stroke, collapsed

  • Is cut off from Advisors by his wife Edith

  • 1918 & 1920 elections a referendum

  • 1918 Reps take control of Congress

  • 1920 James Cox (Dem.) loses to Harding (Rep.)

  • Angry Wilson received so much attention in Europe

  • Angry Wilson did NOT bring any republicans to Paris and Peace Deal

  • Have reservations

  • Lodge announces (14) Reservations

  • Want to amend treaty

  • Keep US Out of Euro Wars

  • Protect Senates Power to declare war

  • Keep Europe out of American Affairs & Latin America (Monroe Doctrine)

  • Hiram Johnson (CA)

  • William Borah (Idaho)

  • 12 Republican senators

  • Would NOT accept League of Nations regardless of how it was worded

  • Wilson refused to compromise so the Democrats joined w/ Irreconcibles to defeat the Treaty

  • 1921 US makes a separate treaty with Germany

  • Doesn’t ratify Treaty of Versailles

  • Doesn’t join League of nations

Treaty of Versailles= Big Four –David Lloyd George of Britain, George Clemenceau of France, Vittorio Orlando of Italy, Woodrow Wilson of US, NO RUSSIA due to Revolution

  1. Germany was disarmed

  2. Germany lost colonies

  3. Germany admits guilt

  4. Occupation of Rhineland 15 years

  5. Reparation to Brits and France

Americas Return to Normalcy

  1. Isolation

  2. Anti-Union/Radicals

  3. Red Scare

  4. Laissez-Faire

14 Points Enacted

  1. Self-determination= new lands of Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, independence for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, and Poland

  2. League of Nations—An International Peacekeepers organization

Article X promised that all members would defend the freedom and territory of others.

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